Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Show

The first thing Genna wanted to do at the Easter Show - see Dirt Girl live :) It's a show on kids tv here about a girl who likes dirt and has a garden etc!

Next was the best spot - the Farmyard Nursery!

She liked feeding the baby goats and sheep

She only got upset when a big sheet came towards her, memories of last year I guess when she got surrounded by a few big sheep and was backing away and they followed her cause she was still holding the food!

Getting brave and letting them lick it off of her hand :)

We had fun :)
I love the official pic - so cute

Genna also asked to go watch sheep shearing - she was fascinated by the whole thing!

On to a dagwood dog for lunch (corndog)

The ride she chose was a massive ferris wheel - she didn't feel like posing but it was fun (and quite fast!)

And of course we had to get some ice cream :)
Dirty clothes after a day at school - but she wanted to show off her Minnesota Moccasins :) Nice as slippers and good for outside! (they fit perfectly now Joni!!)

She said PLEASE can I eat my dinner in the garage so I can watch Dadda? I said sure, why not?

She has been helping Dadda a lot in his big garage clean up, but also likes just watching and chatting while he works

At the park burning off some energy with Dadda - she can hold on by herself for ages - SUCH strong arms!
And off with Dadda to her favorite place - Bunnings :)
He said she was SO excited when she spotted the store that she was yelling BUNNINGS BUNNINGS and kicking her feet - ha ha


  1. The sheep pictures with Genna are adorable! This means some day you will have to buy her a BIG DOG!
    She must be daddy's little helper. Garage looks good enough to live in-doing a beautiful job. GIGi

  2. Loved the Easter blog...and the official photo is perfect!
    But, getting excited over going to a hardware store is hysterical!!! Love that lil lady!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  3. So many fun pictures!! And that 'look' she is giving, eating her corn dog....too hoo hoo funny! I'm guessing Bunnings is like Lowe's or Home Depot? Genna, you have good taste!! I love those stores, too!
    And I will be stealing the farmyard photo for my office! Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  4. Oh...and the moccasins are fantastic! Thanks!

  5. Happy Easter from Grandpa and Grandma Bunny!
    Fun to see you at the Easter Show and Barnyard, Dearest Genna. Love you! XXOO