Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter / Week 27

Posing with the train she made - sparkles the horse is the driver!
And the train again - with pony as the driver now. She taped all the bowls together and was very proud of herself (her idea!)
Supervising the workers in our backyard - she pulled a chair out to just sit and watch them :)
Easter morning! Bunny pancakes to start the day
Time for the egg hunt
Found it!

Any back here?

Ahhh maybe deep in the grass (Helen i.e. the Easter Bunny, did a great job hiding them out of the sun as it was quite warm out!)


Showing us what she found :)
TWO !!

After 4 years of numerous photos she sure knows how to pose :)

A beautiful sunny day and SO much fun hunting for eggs :)

Back inside opening gifts from Nanna & GrandDad - my first egg cup - exciting!

Back in the kitchen putting wrappers on boiled eggs (I forgot to buy white eggs to dye - oops!)

She was happy with the wrappers and stands Grandma sent though :)

Loving my  new dress too - I'm the Easter Bunny!
She had a blast playing with aunty Helen too!

Trying out the egg cup with one of her boiled eggs
And me - 27 weeks! Today is the start of the third trimester - WOW had time flown!
I forgot to tell the story last week how Genna likes to talk to Jingle through my belly button - like it's a microphone! Quite funny. She gets her mouth right up close - usually to say 'it's time to come out now Jingle.' Ummm no - not yet!


  1. Loved the Easter pictures and the little model does a great job! The mother to be- is beautiful, take care of yourself, gather your strength and soon Jingle will be here. Love you GiGi

  2. Happy Easter! Wonderful blog! Thanks for the smiles!
    G.A. Joni

  3. Such great photos of Ms. Genevieve and all the excitement that surrounds Easter! I do love the photo of her pulling out a chair to watch the crew working on the backyard; reminds me of Grandpa Oscar on the porch in his elderly years...sitting on the porch and enjoying all the action going on around him. Happy Easter! We love your Blog. Gives us a glimpse into all the special days of your lives, not just holidays. By the way, that Easter photo with a lamb and Genevieve is absolutely the BEST!!!
    Love and kisses, Grandpa and Grandma