Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minnesota - Week 2 continued...

Yummmm Frosting! LOVE it! (Genna trying a piece of the Fathers Day cake)

Peek A Book - Where's Genna

Kyle playing puppeteer with Genna's giant moose!

Alex practicing his walking - he's getting really good!

Here Grandpa I'll help you with your present!

Playing piano is fun!

Cheers Johnny & Kevin!

Look Jolie - I have cake!

Sharing a pillow with Grandpa for a little rest

Now it's time for me to tuck you in (she's pulling a little blanket over him)

You can even cuddle Baba (briefly!)

Coloring with Alex & Grandpa

Cuddles with Mandie


Pushing her cart while Brock keeps watch

Having fun with Uncle Marky
Go Grandpa Go!

And cuddles with Norman

Marcus performing for us

Alex & Megan enjoyed it

Admiring her hair clip

Enjoying our Fathers Day lunch

Peek A Boo!

Marcus playing puppeteer too!

Hey Alex - that's my chair!

Ohhhh lawnmower play with Daddy!

 Look Gigi - I'm cutting my melon toy
I love these baby cookies AND they fit on my finger!

Dad by the smoker - Marcus cooked up an amazing array of meats for Fathers Day
My 3 Sisters & Alex - relaxing outside
Alex & Megan listening to Marcus singing

The meat - yummmm (the ribs were my favorite - love that smokey taste!)
Genna showing Johnny how she can wrap Baba up in tissue paper
Grandparents with their Grandchildren

Bath time with Gigi
And books! So fun

Books before we went out the next day
Next day her friend Charlie arrived!

We headed straight out on the boat - it was a gorgeous afternoon!

Here Brock - have a snack

And a treat for Kimosabe

Cuddles with Grandma

YAY for guests! My friend Steph & Charlie
Ohhhh Marky you're wet from swimming!
Kyle grilling
Genna had a GREAT time feeding our food to the dogs (they were thrilled too :)
Cute Charlie in his pjs by the horsey!

Ohhhh somebody found the headphones!

And the toys - hey what do you have there?

Taste my snack Grandpa!

Tickles while Charlie looks on :)

Hey Brock - Come Here! (they were both obsessed with him!!)

Good Dog!

I like you Brock!

One night we had Papa Murphy's pizza too (where they make it fresh and you cook it at home). This dessert pizza was SO yummy!
We also made it to the Mall of America one day and went to the Rainforest Cafe!
Charlie loved the view from our table!

I like your hair today Mama!

Turtle Cuddles

Ohhhh pretty fish!

I like that one

We couldn't leave without making a few purchases

My Bag!

Charlie & Genna with their new animal toys

The gang - it was a fun excursion!

Eating together

Now who's teaching who?

I set this fork with a piece of chicken out for Genna (hoping she'd eat it) - Charlie reached over and ate it himself - Ha!

Sweeping together - so fun

A cupcake from Joni


Here Grandpa - Taste It!

Steph and I even made it out to a movie one night while Grandma & Grandpa worked on Genna's biking skills :)
Charlie & Mom - we really had a blast - we were so glad Steph & Charlie came to visit us!
Cuddles with Joni and 2 bunnies
I also had a mini high school reunion one night which was fun! Great to see everyone - most of whom I hadn't seen in 15 years!!