Monday, June 18, 2012

Minnesota - Week 1

On the plane coloring

The flight wasn't too bad, Genna was very good, it was just hard for her to sleep. Eventually she did get some sleep (laying on my chest), I didn't (SO uncomfortable)!

When we got to LA our flight to Minneapolis was delayed by 2 hours so we went to the Delta lounge. Genna was hungry after not really wanting to eat anything on the flight, so she was thrilled when she found these little tubs of peanut butter and cream cheese that she could spread on her crackers.

I LOVED that the lounge had showers!!! We got cleaned up (they provided everything - comb, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, mouthwash and fluffy towels) It was nice to change clothes too!!

 Eventually Genna passed out - thankfully in her carseat! This was about half an hour before our flight to Minnesota, so when we boarded I just folded the wheels up into the seat and buckled her in! Then I curled up on the other two seats (not a very full plane!) and got a few hours sleep. Fabulous.

When we got to my parent's house we played for an hour, then got ready for bed. She was surprisingly in a great mood after such a long flight!

Genevieve was thrilled to find this gift from Marcus - a Minnesota Twins kids bat & ball (it's super soft).

Genevieve's bat!

Playing with Grandma

The next day her cousin Alex came over to say hello - he also had a fun horsey ride!

Then he had a sleep in my arms - ahhhh so sweet. That was until Genna spotted me holding him and ran up and yelled NO MAMA! So I handed him back to his Dad :)

Genna having lunch at her own table - along with her personal flower bouquet :)

Marcus's girlfriend Amy & I

Having a cookie with Great Grandma Sis. We also ordered a baby chino (which is just foamed milk with chocolate powder on the top), and they looked at me like I was crazy! They had never heard of such a thing - how bizarre - we have those ALL the time in Sydney!

We went to Great Grandma Sally's house for a lovely lunch. She had a bag of a bunch of individually wrapped presents - Genna was thrilled!

With one of her gift bags. FUN!

Putting her necklaces (first gift she opened) on Joni 

Painting with Gigi & Grandma


What an amazing photo! 4 generations

and with Joni too :)

It was lovely to spend the afternoon at Great Grandma Sally's house (and a great lunch!)

Us with my cousin Jolie

Ohhhh pretty flowers

 Taking photos of herself on Joni's phone in the car - there were like 15 of these - so cute

 We went to Como Zoo one afternoon - but hit the park first

Climbing back up the slide

In the conservatory with Grandpa & Grandma - and gorgeous roses

Check out the height of those Lilies!

Looking at the orangutangs with Aunty Mandie & Grandma

She LOVED seeing the gorilla this close - he was HUGE!

Grandma bought her a cute little 'Ellie' too

Back at home, combing Uncle Marky's hair

And giggles with Aunt Mandie

COOL glasses

We also had a lovely shopping excursion with cousin Alex & 3 Minnesota Aunties & Grandma. Genna and Alex were on opposite sides of the car, with me in the middle, and they spent most of the ride staring at each other. Genna yelled out NO when he touched my arm though - ha.

Back at home, with the ball Genna picked out at the store.

On the slide - YAY

And the swing

Then oh my GOSH we spotted a turtle

She even touched it's shell! Very exciting

and more sliding with Grandpa

Then we saw a frog too - fun

It was then time for some cooking

Cooking up lovely rocks - of course!

Ohhhh wet hands

Stop Dogs, no more! (ha - even though they were just laying there watching her)

Here Brock - have an ice cube
Now who would like the next ice cube? Kimo? Brock?
(they are SO patient and really don't bother her at all - they are happy to just follow her around and see what she's up to)

Here Grandpa - would you like a bite?

Genna at her own little picnic table - she loves it!

Grandpa found this little baby chickadee that isn't able to fly yet - Genna was thrilled

Pat pat

Oh dear - it's on my knee!!!

Playing on the i-phone with Grandma and Gigi

Bath crayons are SO much fun!

Taking a walk with Grandpa

Cuddles with Marky

She just LOVES riding in the car - we are both having SUCH a great time in Minnesota :)

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