Monday, May 28, 2012

This past week

It's all about socks this week - practice makes perfect!

I got it Mama - now I'm doing it again!

Pat Pat Pat - she was patting and shushing and saying 'Dada Sleep!'

This week you are little miss bossy! During book time you said 'Dada Book! Mama - Lay Down' So we complied, Dada read you the book while I laid on the other side and listened with you.

One morning while eating breakfast, I sat down at your little table with you (as you usually ask me to saying 'Mama Sit' over and over until I do it). However, that particular morning you yelled 'NO Mama - off - Genveev seat!'

Dancing while eating - well, drumming :)

Expert on the iphone before she's even 2

Bad to sing while eating, I know - but I just thought it was SO cute that she knows the rain song!

While I was getting her dressed she grabbed a baby wipe and started wiping down puppy & baby - so sweet :)


  1. Awwwwwwww... such great videos! And look how gently and sweetly she wipes puppy and baby. Singing softly while she works. Cannot WAIT till you get here! Only 11 more days!!
    Love you - thanks again for the smiles!

  2. The dancer is fantastic, glad she is loving music and of course will have perfect pitch.
    The next new rock star- oh well give her a few year. Beautiful. G. Gram

  3. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival! Each and every video is precious. Love, Grandma