Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fun times & Preschool Graduation

Out to lunch

looking so grown up :)

cranky sleep face :)
Having fun together at an indoor play centre
Genna & Mama's day out - ice cream after the show (the pictures all loaded backwards annoyingly!)

The ice rink where we saw the show from above

posing with one of the performers

waving when Santa came out

She was THRILLED it was 2 stories she loves - Nutcracker & Froze


it was a local show put on by the students who take lessons at the rink - they were fantastic though

Genna thought it was fab - we brought our own blanket cause our seats were on the ice!

Popcorn yay!

waiting for the show to start - a fun day out for both of us!!

pretty sticker nails from Helen :)

Hair all done up for her preschool graduation

dude - we're relaxing (we got him his own sofa so they wouldn't fight over the one!)
After her last kindy orientation this week, Poppy came home with us to play for a few hours - they were both thrilled!
before orientation this week they had an amazing art show on with artwork the students at the school have made - this was was AMAZING!
all made out of crumpled paper! Genna and her friend Hetanshi loved it!
Practicing for kindergarten - she can't wait :)

LOVING his felt tree & ornaments - thanks Joni!!!

unpacking the ornaments

filling up the little boxes of her advent calendar

and wearing her school uniform!

Stockings ready to go for Christmas!! :)

his hair is getting so thick & kinda long!!
At Preschool Graduation - too cute

Max wanted to be part of it all - we let him play until it was time for show to start

They each said their name, where they're going to school, and what they like best about their preschool (genna said drawing :)

Trying on her school uniform :)

Max of course wanted to be part of it too

She said take a picture of me ready to go on holiday :)

and the fancy shoes of course :)

and LOTS of videos :) enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

16 Months

16 Months :)
What? Already?

He 'found' his ears that week - couldn't stop touching them ha ha

Cutie Pie
He LOVES dancing to the Thomas the Train theme song, he pops up when he hears it come on!
Playing with Helen :)

She had SO much fun :)

Tracing Max's feet

Ahhhhh :)

Super Hero Genevieve to the rescue!!

She cashed out her piggy bank and I let her spend part of it on anything she wanted, and 3/4 of it went in savings. She chose this dress :) She also made the mask from a kit - VERY proud of herself!

VERY proud of her artwork at the park :) We decided to bring our own chalk - super fun

Busy with her doodle book! Mama had fun too :)

Fun at the mall :)

Having a great time in the bath - he was dumping cups of water over her head to 'wash' her hair ;)
Max's new word of the week - Boom (broom) :) This is him holding up his new tiny broom. He follows me around the kitchen 'helping' me sweep !

Looking cute after Kindy orientation last week
Hail here in Spring - SO bizarre!!
Fun at the play centre :) We had a great time with Helen!

Today leaving the house - they wait on the step while I load stuff in the car. Genna said take a picture of us sitting here with our Babas :)