Wednesday, November 18, 2015

16 Months

16 Months :)
What? Already?

He 'found' his ears that week - couldn't stop touching them ha ha

Cutie Pie
He LOVES dancing to the Thomas the Train theme song, he pops up when he hears it come on!
Playing with Helen :)

She had SO much fun :)

Tracing Max's feet

Ahhhhh :)

Super Hero Genevieve to the rescue!!

She cashed out her piggy bank and I let her spend part of it on anything she wanted, and 3/4 of it went in savings. She chose this dress :) She also made the mask from a kit - VERY proud of herself!

VERY proud of her artwork at the park :) We decided to bring our own chalk - super fun

Busy with her doodle book! Mama had fun too :)

Fun at the mall :)

Having a great time in the bath - he was dumping cups of water over her head to 'wash' her hair ;)
Max's new word of the week - Boom (broom) :) This is him holding up his new tiny broom. He follows me around the kitchen 'helping' me sweep !

Looking cute after Kindy orientation last week
Hail here in Spring - SO bizarre!!
Fun at the play centre :) We had a great time with Helen!

Today leaving the house - they wait on the step while I load stuff in the car. Genna said take a picture of us sitting here with our Babas :)



  1. My man Max, how handsome and learning new things each and every day, just love him so much, Genna gets more beautiful every day, how proud I am of you guys. Love GiGi

  2. I love the way they get along and have learned to play with each other. What smiles they bring to each other.
    Great mama and daddy. GiGi

  3. Beyond awesome post!!
    Did you notice how perfectly placed Genna's head is in the Super Hero photo?! Looks like light rays shooting out of her hair!! LOVE every photo! Finishing with the Baba picture was the icing on the cake! Thanks!
    (and always knew Helen was Super!!!!

  4. My favorite is Maxwell dancing to Thomas the Train; how wonderful is that? Cute how you captured it without him knowing. Also, glad to see all the imagination activities with Genna from Super Hero with Helen to Doodle Book daily stretches. School will be a good fit for her. Looking forward to seeing you all very,very soon!
    Sending love and hugs, Grandpa and Grandma

  5. I look and the next day look again! We cannot tell you how much we enjoy the blog, you are wonderful. Gram