Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween & other pics

Pumpkin carving time!

she wanted a heart nose :)

Max was scared of it - so this is the only quick pic we got

Mary Poppins!! (from the carousel scene)

and her sidekick Superman

Up up and away!

They had a GREAT time trick or treating on our street! Helen & her friend handed out candy at our house, Genna was thrilled to join them once we got back.

Oh oh - getting his hitting hand ready. Any time she invades his space too much he hits.... we're working on teaching him not to do that!

they have a lot of fun together :)


hair style for kindy orientation last week :) she got a lot of compliments on it!
drawing time with Dadda

last week we were late for gymnastics, we decided rather than go into the class late that we'd just have a hot chocolate instead and join the next class

Max was VERY interested! and even had his first taste :)

trouble maker!

Our little book worms :) We love going to the library!
snack time with sister

he wants to do everything she does!

oh oh - what did we drop?
Genna's 'note' to Santa
she made an envelope too:) she gave it Dadda to mail to Santa (of course I kept it.....:)

ready for a swim!!
after a few rainy days the water got too cold again though, so we played with her boat from GrandDad instead
hmmmm what is going on here with Mama's phone

hello? anyone here?

SO serious lol
getting quite precise with his fork :)
she LOVES playing in the rain!!

and he loves playing with his sister's sunglasses!

 having fun together


  1. What a fun Halloween for the kids. Fun seeing Max and Genna costumed up and ready to go! Nice pictures of Genevieve Poppins and her attire! Max looks like a typical little boy with a scratch on his forehead. : ) Murray's carving the heart nose for the pumpkin had to be tricky, too. Where are the pictures of Momma- who was holdiong down the fort for many weeks by herself! Praises and adoration to all of you. Sending love and kisses as Thanksgiving nears. As we gather, we will think of you and hold your family deep in our hearts. Love across the miles!!!!
    Love and hugs,
    Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Genna's legs are getting so gorgeously long! They stretch out beautifully underneath that umbrella!! And Max's smile is always so contagious! Also, Murray should consider a secondary job as a theme song singer! Had us singing Gilligan's theme all day long!!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni

  3. Absolutely perfect blog love all those wonderful, beautiful pictures. Genna and Max could be models. Love GiGi