Sunday, March 27, 2016

Genna's First Easter Hat Parade

SO proud to be part of the Easter presentation!

little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose (they sang it in Italian! and then in English)

blowing Dadda a kiss

back to her classroom :)

with some of her friends from her class - (from left) Georgia & Heidi
and Olivia on the far right

Enjoying her special Easter donut with her buddy Olivia

SO happy to be with her Dadda :)

Thrilled that Dadda picked her up from school too! What a great day :)
Bacon & cheese bun after school for a snack :)

and a few pictures from her teacher's blog from this first term (semester)

using the interactive board in class (that's Genna sitting at the middle table on the right)

lunch time

they decorated hats with their year 3 buddies

book time

cute cute in their hats :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

20 Months

New favorite word this week - Happy! He also has got quite good at saying Bug Bite after getting a dozen bites last week one day :(
and Finally has started nodding for yes once and awhile. Still refuses to say it though :)

Whenever Max spots a playground he yells 'WEEEEE' which is what he calls slides. There's a playground near Genna's school and he runs away from me as fast as he can to try and get there every day!!

Max's favorite food - zucchini (screams at me to eat it shredded & raw when I'm cooking!)

favorite toy at the moment - choo choos (he sits in the middle of the wooden track and watches them go around and around. He's SO gentle giving them a little touch when they get stuck too.

Genna made a bunch of bracelets for her friends, Max asked for one too (MINE MINE!) - but he prefers to wear it on his ankle :)
Ohhhhh dinosaur stickers!!

Crazy hair day at daycare - he was thrilled to be green :)
He LOVES scribbling - SO much fun!

And has been drooling like a tap for weeks now - those 2 year molars must be coming soon!

Thrilled to be on a train ride with his Nah Nah :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Max & Genna & little Max from Germany

A few weeks ago Genna said 'Mama, I got in trouble at school today.' (I know she has some 'naughty' boys in her class that have been to the principal for bad behavior, had to miss recess for time out etc., never her though). I said oh really, what happened? She said she was the person set in charge of their reading group (they are put in groups of 4. They alternate who the 'captain' is). The captain holds a card and the group need to listen to them. She held the card up to her forehead and her teacher said 'Genevieve, that is not what we do with our captain cards!!' That was it! Sweet thing, she was so upset about it.

Murray was singing Genna a lullaby the other night. Mid song she stops him and says 'Dadda, you sang a few of the lines wrong. That's a waste of our time and mine. Please start over' lol!

The other night (my bday) Genna says 'I have a surprise for you once you finish putting Max to bed. She pops out of the closest and yells SURPRISE! She had made the bed and lined all the pillows up and tidied the books that were on the floor. She says 'I tidied for your birthday, it's your surprise I will do once a year. You can do it for me on my birthday too!' She was so proud of herself :) So sweet. She got a lot of extra cuddles that night :)

Max loves the words rainbow, truck and helicopter (KAH KAH) this week. He can repeat SO many words as well. He must have 60+ now. He says red, blue & yellow, but really doesn't understand what they mean yet (we're working on it!). He likes me to hold his hand with a pointed finger and point out things in his books that we can name.  However he still refuses to say the word yes!!! I have heard it once or twice, but usually when we say Yes he smiles and says 'no no no'. Lol!! Last night he was holding up a fork and I said do NOT throw that Max, give it back to Mama. He gets this cheeky look on his face, tosses it as far as he can then starts swiping his hands on the high chair try so all his food goes flying!! OMG! So I quickly removed all the food and said are you done? Do you want to get up? And he reaches up his hands and says 'Up - Play!' So nice that he can communicate a bit now!

I'm looking for the bath plug last night and can't find it anywhere. Finally I spot it in an obvious spot. Genna says 'Mom you were man looking' lol - she says her (male) teacher taught them that means not looking as well as a woman would ha ha ha!

relaxing with Dadda

iced lollies on a hot day with friends (Max was still napping!)


Trying a lamb cutlet - yumm

Cuddles with my baby

While Genna multi-tasks and does my hair :)
Fun with Dadda at the mall

and a silly Genna

On the 100f+ days we stay inside in the afternoon when the sun is the hottest

Thank goodness for tile floors! Keeps us nice & cool

CHEESE! I love his cheesy smile :)

yogurt fruit pops on a hot day 

now that he knows they exist he screams for one every time I open the freezer - I've had to hide them at the back!!

Dropping Genna at school - I thought they looked SO cute

Looking cute cute another day too

Tired boy listening to bedtime stories

Our visitor from Germany - Maximilian!

I've known Markus for 20 years! He came to Sydney with his wife and baby - was great to see him & meet them

Franzie and I walking from Darling Harbour out to the new Barangaroo Park

Markus took Max for a walk 

Stunning views - and such a lovely park

Their last full day in Sydney we took them to Manly

First - a coffee!

Then sand sand sand!

We had a GREAT time! And thank goodness for the umbrellas - the sun was boiling hot!
Last morning while they were packing - Max popped into their room to play with little Max
They really adored each other

Genna liked this cool nightlight they brought 

We really enjoyed having them visit and the kids had SO much fun playing with Franziska and Markus. We were sad to see them go!