Wednesday, March 23, 2016

20 Months

New favorite word this week - Happy! He also has got quite good at saying Bug Bite after getting a dozen bites last week one day :(
and Finally has started nodding for yes once and awhile. Still refuses to say it though :)

Whenever Max spots a playground he yells 'WEEEEE' which is what he calls slides. There's a playground near Genna's school and he runs away from me as fast as he can to try and get there every day!!

Max's favorite food - zucchini (screams at me to eat it shredded & raw when I'm cooking!)

favorite toy at the moment - choo choos (he sits in the middle of the wooden track and watches them go around and around. He's SO gentle giving them a little touch when they get stuck too.

Genna made a bunch of bracelets for her friends, Max asked for one too (MINE MINE!) - but he prefers to wear it on his ankle :)
Ohhhhh dinosaur stickers!!

Crazy hair day at daycare - he was thrilled to be green :)
He LOVES scribbling - SO much fun!

And has been drooling like a tap for weeks now - those 2 year molars must be coming soon!

Thrilled to be on a train ride with his Nah Nah :)

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  1. Handsome and perfect little man. So fun how he is mimicking words and gaining vocabulary in leaps and bounds. Love his baby blue eyes and white blonde hair. He could be a baby model. Of course, we are not prejudiced, we are just the grandparents.: )
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa