Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 55

This is closest I can get to a k-bear photo anymore - you are just TOO busy to stand still!

You have totally figured out the remote this week (and no we did NOT teach you that!!) You just watched us and saw that we pushed that black thing to turn the tv on or change channels. So you tried it out yourself and realized that if you push any button the tv turns on - VERY exciting.

The other day while I was cleaning the mat under your high chair after a meal, I heard a squeal of delight. I turned around and you had found the remote, turned on the tv and you were THRILLED that the cartoon Bananas in Pajamas was on - ha!

You also LOVE pulling clothing off of the drying rack - so fun

I love how you walk over to people and either back up or throw your leg over so you can sit on their lap to read a book. You LOVE books, and spend a lot of your day going back and forth between me and your bookshelf (your attention span is about 2 pages now, so we go through a lot of books:) Usually when I go to pick you up from daycare you are sitting on someone's lap reading a book - books are just your FAVORITE right now!

You got your first molars this week!!! One on each side on the top. I guess this explains why your sleeping has been so funny lately - ouch!

You love reading books with Daddy - especially this body parts book. We have been working this week on naming body parts (nose, eyes, mouth). We have been explaining it with this book, by pointing at ourselves and you - and you just soaked it all in. But finally today when I said yes Genna those are puppy's eyes (when you were poking the eyes on your puppy) you looked up at me and pointed at your eye! Smart girl :)

I HAD to post this - so cool (thanks Joni!). Me with my cousin Johnny when he was 1 (which means I was 11) and Me & Genna. Ahhhhhhh cute

You are SO good at walking now!

You have been pretty consistently sick from daycare the last few weeks, which hasn't been fun. But you HAVE been having a good time there anyway. When I dropped you off on Monday your friend Max came up and handed you a puzzle piece, gave you a kiss and a big hug. I thought that was very sweet - you were like 'eww get away from me.' You turned towards me when he kissed you just above your mouth, so he had to hug you from behind - ha ha!

But the BIG news this week - you started saying Hello!! You usually do it when you put your phone up to your ear, but you also said Hello to Grandma & Nanna on skype. I am trying SO hard to get it on video - but it's tough!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 54

Dear Genevieve,

The big news is that this week you started talking (well, kind of). When you see a duck you say something that sounds like 'duh' and when you see a pig you breathe really heavy with your nose (like snorting). Such a smart lady :)
You took your first ride on a tiny merry go round at the mall this weekend - you LOVED it!!

Walking with Mama through the mall - you can walk on your own now, but sometimes it's nice to hold hands too :)

Murray and I have been working our way through the cookbook 'Jamie's 30 minute meals' - it is SO good and SO easy! This week we made the roast beef + yorkshire puddings - yummmmm!

One day two big cockatoo's came up to our kitchen window (you are VERY into pointing right now!)

You loved watching them tap the glass with their beaks!

You also had fun playing with Aunty Helen's birthday balloons!!

This morning I snuck a photo of you sound asleep - I HATE having to wake you in the morning when I have to go to work:( You have settled into daycare SO well though. You don't cry anymore when I drop you off or when I pick you up. Today you actually were so busy reading a book with your friend Isla that I had to call your name to get you to look up so I could wave goodbye! You love all the different kinds of food they serve you too - they always tell me you ate 'heaps' for lunch! I'm the one who makes you eat healthy healthy things at home:) Today I made you a lovely fish & veggie bake with sardines that you LOVED for dinner - it sure is stinky - but you like it:)

We also had a lovely lunch out for Aunty Helen's birthday this weekend

You were SUCH a good girl!!! And you finally have enough hair for a little clip to stay in!

Helen, Me & Genna

You with your mousey, your moo cow in a box and Rachel

And cuddles with Kristy

We had SUCH a great time and everyone was SO impressed by what a good girl you were. You ate really well (and didn't throw too much food). You slept in your stroller while we ate, and you were just generally wonderful :)

Other things this week....

You also have stopped chewing on most things. You don't feel like you have to put Everything in your mouth anymore. Although when I give you your toothbrush while I'm filling your bath, you are thrilled to chew on it for a bit!

You also are more interested in using a spoon this week. You enjoy lots of finger food (thus why I do every kind of bake you can think of now!) but you also enjoyed having a few puree's this week which you ate all by yourself with a spoon!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 53

Dear Genevieve,
This week you turned 53 weeks old
It's been a chilly week - but we've still managed to get out a bit :)

On the weekend we went to the wharf bar with Dada for lunch which was fun!

You had a GREAT time walking around

You also got a new hat for day care because you get to play outside a few times a day. Last week was your first week of going 3 days a week to day care. You did really well and settled in pretty quickly. You have made some great friends already. They tell me you love to play and chat with your friend Max - they said you sat by him at lunch and the two of you had a conversation! You also enjoy walking around with the girls and pointing at the fish in the fish tank! You especially love the sand box too! When I picked you up after your 5th full day (the second week) you were in the sand box having a GREAT time! Banging together sand scoopers - with sand all over you face and hands and a huge smile on your face! We had to empty your shoes in the sink when we got home because they were SO full of sand. I'm so glad you are having fun there while I work.

Today, on my day off, we spent the morning at home playing - you do still LOVE books! You understand now when I say 'Genna go get me a book and bring it back so we can read it.' You toddle off to grab a book, then you come back and sit on my lap to read.

At night time we always read a book before bed. I always offer you a choice of 2 books, and lately you will shake your head and refuse to touch any book other than 'Goodnight Minnesota.' Works for me :)

Ah what big ears you have bunny!

We are working on teaching you the word duck. I THINK you are saying it now - although it sounds quite similar to 'da' :)

Take that duck!

The other funny thing that you love to do is put Everything in the rubbish bin. You take the magnets off the fridge and put them in the bin all the time. So I tried giving you a little handbag to put them in and showed you how. You put a few in, then put the whole handbag in the bin. *sigh* So I tried to show you how to transfer the magnets from the fridge to the dishwasher. You transferred a few, then threw them in the bin. Then you went and got your puppy blanket, and threw that in the bin too! Oh well - I guess it's a fun game:) So I just keep our recycle bin empty and clean now, just in case toys end up in it.

Love ya Lots,

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The day before the BIG party - out in Manly with Dada

A nice family pic out in Manly - the only 'Birthday Pic' of the three of us :)

Murray in full birthday cake decorating mode

He bought just a BIT of candy to make the cakes pretty

Butterfly Cake 1 - chocolate and vanilla swirl cake

Butterfly Cake 2 - A sugarless 'baby friendly' carrot and raisin cake

The table before we added the hot food (beef pies, mini pizzas and mini quiches)
The plates, napkins & cups I got in America - gotta love American party stores!!!

The 'baby sushi' I made with flattened bread, cream cheese and meat & veggies

Murray's parents & sister patiently awaiting the arrival of guests ;)

Peter & the Bear - checking out the food

The hats Grandma bought - cool huh! Fits with our butterfly theme perfectly :)

the big '1'

Butterflies everywhere

Cassie saying Hi to the birthday girl

She was certainly the center of attention :)

The balls in the 'ball pit' - lovingly donated by Steve & Selina

Loved the banner! SO pretty

Mama & Dada pre party while Genna was still napping

Me, Genevieve, Cassie & Lennox

Bib on for just a bit so she could quickly eat some lunch before playing with everyone

Cuddles with Aunty Helen

Showing Amelia the green ball

The ball pit really was a hit! Louisa especially loved sitting in there!

Genna's friend Louisa

Hey - check this out!

Cassie & Hamish

My friend Rita & me

Silly hats with Aunty Helen

Good food & good friends = a fun day

Cute little Lennox with his Mama

Hamish & Murray chatting

Even the older kids had fun with the ball pit - it's a fun game to throw them all out, then put them all back in!

Lennox & Cassie

Smiley Louisa :)

Darling Clara

Contemplative Genna & Dada

Genna's friend Chloe

Pure Joy

Cuddles with Selina

Hello? Who's there?

Cuddles with sweet Amelia

Selina with her darling girls & Louisa & Lyn - cute!

Genevieve with Nana & Granddad

Shy girl while everyone was singing her Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the candle

and a 'poke' taste

ohhhh I LIKE this cake!

Cuties :)

Lennox just turned 1 a month ago - what a cutie

Hey Lennox - I'm one now too!

They all had fun playing together

The cake went down well!

My friends - Lindsay & Rita

Hamish & Zephyr

Whatta Cutie!

The boys - Steve, Murray, Barry, Mark, Hamish & Peter

Genna even sat on Mark's lap! She was SO social!

Lindsay & Chloe - gorgeous!

Ohhhh now WHAT is that on your necklace Amelia?


Ohhhh the balloons were a HUGE hit (thanks Lindsay!)

My 'punch' was also a hit - sparkling wine, lemon lime bitters and a berry juice = YUMMY!

Chloe giving Genevieve cuddles before they had to go

Her first card - too cute

What's in here??

Cool bag decorated just for me!

Oh this puzzle looks FUN!

She's a HUGE fan of books - this '10 Little' book was a big hit

Ohhh a pretty ballerina skirt!

Look at what I got Nana & Granddad!

I can open the card by myself!!!

OHHHH another pressie for me?

This looks fun....

Cuddles for her new puppy 'Violet'

She always cuddles animals on her left shoulder - here showing her multitasking skills by playing with her new puzzle at the same time!

OMG he spelled and then said Genevieve!!! TOO cool :)

Clara & Amelia enjoyed their treat bags :)

LOVING the puppy!!

Ahhh Granddad - you are hilarious!

Just a little more snack post afternoon nap

little toes

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Oh this ring sorter is COOL!

I can even do it with my foot!

Still LOVING the balloons though

walk, walk, walk

The ball pit is fun

but it's more fun to put the balls in the holes on top of the esky (cooler)

What a GREAT day. Wonderful to celebrate with lovely friends and family. Genevieve was absolutely the happiest baby ever - she had a wonderful day :)

Genna with the 'puppy' we gave her - I think she thinks it's real :)