Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 55

This is closest I can get to a k-bear photo anymore - you are just TOO busy to stand still!

You have totally figured out the remote this week (and no we did NOT teach you that!!) You just watched us and saw that we pushed that black thing to turn the tv on or change channels. So you tried it out yourself and realized that if you push any button the tv turns on - VERY exciting.

The other day while I was cleaning the mat under your high chair after a meal, I heard a squeal of delight. I turned around and you had found the remote, turned on the tv and you were THRILLED that the cartoon Bananas in Pajamas was on - ha!

You also LOVE pulling clothing off of the drying rack - so fun

I love how you walk over to people and either back up or throw your leg over so you can sit on their lap to read a book. You LOVE books, and spend a lot of your day going back and forth between me and your bookshelf (your attention span is about 2 pages now, so we go through a lot of books:) Usually when I go to pick you up from daycare you are sitting on someone's lap reading a book - books are just your FAVORITE right now!

You got your first molars this week!!! One on each side on the top. I guess this explains why your sleeping has been so funny lately - ouch!

You love reading books with Daddy - especially this body parts book. We have been working this week on naming body parts (nose, eyes, mouth). We have been explaining it with this book, by pointing at ourselves and you - and you just soaked it all in. But finally today when I said yes Genna those are puppy's eyes (when you were poking the eyes on your puppy) you looked up at me and pointed at your eye! Smart girl :)

I HAD to post this - so cool (thanks Joni!). Me with my cousin Johnny when he was 1 (which means I was 11) and Me & Genna. Ahhhhhhh cute

You are SO good at walking now!

You have been pretty consistently sick from daycare the last few weeks, which hasn't been fun. But you HAVE been having a good time there anyway. When I dropped you off on Monday your friend Max came up and handed you a puzzle piece, gave you a kiss and a big hug. I thought that was very sweet - you were like 'eww get away from me.' You turned towards me when he kissed you just above your mouth, so he had to hug you from behind - ha ha!

But the BIG news this week - you started saying Hello!! You usually do it when you put your phone up to your ear, but you also said Hello to Grandma & Nanna on skype. I am trying SO hard to get it on video - but it's tough!


  1. Genna is a whirlwind with her walking and investigating the toy basket. Good thing she has remained so sweet natured,even though she has been under the weather since she started DayCare. Hope you can get rid of the colds and feel better soon. Cute photos of you holding Johnny and Genna. Love, Grandma

  2. Lovin' the walkin'!!! Sooooooooooo cute! And her laugh is just contagious!!
    Love you all,