Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 56 & 57 & 58

Oh wow - first time we have gone 3 + weeks without doing a blog!

Murray had a motorbike accident and was in the hospital for 10 days, so things have been hectic. But he will be ok, some rest and then some surgery and he will heal.

Butterfly bum lady with the fluffy hair!

Giving kangaroo a cuddle

No more photos Mama!!!
You know what you do and don't want lately! When you are finished eating something you push it to the side of the tray and won't look at it again!

Sharing lunch with lamby

Sleeping with a football pose - cute!

All dressed down for the evening - but I had to get this photo. You LOVE carrying your handbag around on your elbow like this.

I've got my bag - now where can we go shopping?

SUCH a tall girl - nearly half Daddy's height already!

Nanna came these past 2 weeks to help with Genna while I was sorting everything out with Murray. Her new favorite thing is to climb up on Nanna's suitcase - fun!

And some reading..... :)

Murray got this awesome strawberry get well bouquet from Minnesota family - gorgeous and SO SO yummy!!!

We were surprised to see that the base was actually a head of lettuce!

Cool idea! A nice natural way to keep the berries in place and it's sticky so it stays in place in the bowl.


  1. Okay... the book reading is just SO precious! The handbag on the elbow so classy! And lying down with her Daddy has got to be the best medicine ever!!!
    Love you all,

  2. Glad to see the Blog up and going again. Loved the photo of Genevieve and her Daddy. I bet it is great to have Murray back home and I am sure Lyn was a big help to all of you. Also, enjoyed the video of Genevieve talking away and using her own language to read the book. Very sweet. Love, Mom

  3. So sorry to hear about the accident, and so glad to hear he'll be okay. Genna is as cute as ever!

  4. Oh and that book sure brings back memories for me- it was one of my daughter's favourites.

  5. Love you,Love you,Love you.

    Mom and Dad and all of your Minnesota Family