Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At the hospital

I have lost track of weeks... so I'll still post photos regularly, but I'm not going to do the 'week' count anymore - just months I think :)
We were out at the playground by the beach the other day (on a GORGEOUS warm winter day!) and you decided to pop onto someone's bike for a ride! You don't know how to move it with your feet yet, but you are a champ on getting on and off of it!

Unfortunately we ended up in the hospital last week. Your ear was swollen and you lost your balance, it turned out you had an infection in the bone behind your ear (mastoiditis) and had to have strong iv antibiotics to fight it.

It wasn't fun being there - but WOW the view!! It brought a slight smile to my face every morning to see the ocean & the beach.

You LOVED the playroom though. This chair was your absolute favorite - just your size!

TOO much fun!!!

You got some Gorgeous get well balloons from your Minnesota family

Not only did they brighten our space....

But you also had SO much fun batting at them!

The window is dirty - but gotta love that ocean sunrise - I saw a lot of these as we got VERY little sleep.... so noisy!

All set up with iv, snacks and a baby genius dvd :)

Oh I just LOVE playing in here!!!

Ahhhhh look at meeeeee!


You also loved squeezing yourself behind the parent seats in the playroom - gotta love that smile:) Although we had to spend a week there, you really were SO happy the whole time. They were amazed by how 'well' you seemed considering how serious your infection was. As the pediatrician said 'she's strong, she's a fighter'!

Some Daddy and puppy time :)

Our little dancer! Whenever we say 'show us how you dance Genna' you start shaking your little bottom back and forth - too cute!! We love your happy squeal too!

Your favorite thing lately is to carry my calendar around and flip through the pages. You actually search out my purse and dig it out so you can walk around with it!

You LOVE giving cuddles and kisses :)


  1. Videos! Videos!! Videos!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! It is so good to see the 3 of you so happy and healthy!! This post has me grinning from beginning to end.....and then some! Love yous, Aunt Jani

  2. Ditto on the love of the videos! Cuddles and kisses = best medicine ever! I've watched them over and over!
    Love you,
    Aunt Joni

  3. Thrilled to see Genevieve at home, rather than in the hospital. So hard to be so far away when tough times like this happen; know you are always in our hearts, no matter where you are. Sending cuddles and kisses from Grandma and Grandpa. XXOO

  4. STILL watching the videos, over and over... SO cute!
    Thanks & Love,

  5. happy to see Genna laughing and running arourd. God is good all the time, she is back to being herself. Neva