Thursday, September 1, 2011

The end of Month 13

First, a few photos from Murray's phone from last week....
Teething biscuits are great for sore teeth!

Look what I can do Nanna - no hands!

You have been sticking your tongue out in concentration a lot lately

On our day visit home from the hospital - still a happy lady :)

Genna in her secret spot - this is where she takes everything that she MUST investigate! She's reading Aunty Helen's camera manual.

Mama working while Genna investigates the heavy kitchen rug

Playing cups - you are VERY into your toys lately - and you are getting quite good at copying when I stack the cups!

As a special treat for being home and feeling better and just cause we love you lots - we got you the chair that you LOVED at the hospital

It's all mine baby!

Busy toddling around the house in your bunny slippers. You are so good about always holding onto the gate when walking in and out of the kitchen so you don't trip on it.

Reading your book in your cool winter boots!

Out and about in Manly last weekend
You have become a bit bunny co-dependent lately - if she isn't nearby you start yelling and searching for her. Often you go into your room and look into the crib and just yell until I come and give her to you. But she's your comfort and you love her, so that's fine with us :)

All comfy and warm in your stroller

What Dada? I'm busy with my sultanas!

Back at home, Dada asleep and you all comfy in his arms watching Sesame Street :)


Hand holding with Dada

Oh hello glow worm - you are cute

tie dye glow worm - love it!

Check me OUT Mama! I'm ready to go!!

I'm ready to go darling - strike a pose

Do you like my new handbag?

I found it in the dishwasher - SO exciting!

We also did a bit of coloring this week

And you are VERY into belly rubbing this week - Dada taught you this :)

You have been talking a lot more lately - you started saying teeth (you love to tap on Daddy's teeth with your nails), you point out eyes on everything you own, and you said thankyou (once), you also have been saying no and shaking your head....

You also started blowing kisses goodnight to Daddy each night - so so cute

But my favorite moment this week was when Daddy went to a doctors appointment. We waited in reception for him and when you saw him come back in you yelled out 'DADA' and threw your hands in the air. Then you looked at me and I said - it's ok - go to Dada, so you ran over to him. It was SO gorgeous :)


  1. LOVE the coloring commentary!!!
    Well... loved it all, actually!
    Thanks again for the smiles!
    love you,

  2. How funny that we buy her all these great toys and things, and she goes for the cook book, the empty tissue box, and the dishwasher silverware basket!! Too hoo hoo funny! And I LOVE the story at the doctor's office! There is nothing more heart melting than your baby's unconditional love!! Love you's, Great Aunt Jani

  3. Missing the three of you and wishing you health and happiness. As this Labor Day unfolds, remember you are always in our hearts and minds. Love and kisses...

    Grandma and Grandpa