Thursday, September 8, 2011

The start of Month 14

Ohhh what to play with?

Bunny Swing

Pretty Girl in a pretty dress from Grandma :)

On a gorgeous Spring day this week we made it out to the beach

and I bought Genna her first set of beach toys

and stretch

How does this work?

We also made it down to the harbour beach side to see our friends Zephyr & Lennox

Genna & Lennox down at the water's edge - that line of shells was good at keep them from running out into the deep water

How do I get past this shell line? (I did bring her past it so she could dip her feet and she LOVED it - kept trying to run out and follow the waves :)

We have been working on words - Cat, Dog, Fish, etc. She was bringing me each one as I asked for it - of course as soon as I started filming she was all over the place - but it's still cute :)

This weekend we also had a GREAT time on the slide at the playground on the Manly Corso

Climbing up to the slide for the first time by herself!


  1. So... with her hair all full of static, does that make this the Electric Slide?!?!?!? ;o)
    Love ya,

  2. I was gonna comment about the same thing!! Her squeals are adorable but the static hair is hysterical!! Love, Great Aunt Jani