Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahhhhh Spring

We had a lovely weekend - started off by brunch by the water

and bunny of course!

Manly was SO busy - summer weather in spring means a VERY crowded beach!

Yummmm Pimms....

Happy Lady

I only had to show you once how to scoop sand in and out of the bucket, then you were off! However this is also now what you do with every meal I serve..... scoop it out of the bowl onto the tray and then back in !

Walking on the sand is tough work!

Now that it's getting warmer you don't need your sleep sack during the day anymore

and we can finally see how you sleep now - SOOOOOOOO cute with the crossed feet!!!

such a big girl, but still tiny too :)

and stretched out as you woke up

Wow that was a good sleep!

We also had a nice catch up with your friend Lennox down at the beach

You were NOT happy when I went to the other side of the fence to take this photo though!

Your super fun squeaky shoes!!


  1. The sand scooping is priceless!! I think she's ready to assist in the kitchen! Would LOVE to see video of Genna helping you measure flour for cookies!!! :oD
    Love you all,

  2. Love that squeaky action;I had a good laugh tonight watching her discovery of how to use those "magic" shoes. So great to see Genna on the beach,outside, and feeling better! Does my heart good. Love you, Grandma

  3. Squeaky shoes are TOO funny!! You should see Jolie's dog, Vixen stand up on her hind legs with a quizzical look on her face each time I play that video!!
    Love ya,
    Great Aunt Jani!