Friday, July 30, 2010

Genna Pics

Murray thinks he can see more of himself in her in this photo:)

I like to have my arms up!

Getting some love from Grandma

Her tiny singlets in perspective - they keep her nice & warm under her outfits

Daddy trying to get a handprint for our baby frame - very very difficult!

Ready to head to the American embassy for her passport interview! Shame they made us take her out of the carseat for the security check which woke her up. But she was very well behaved anyhow :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 3

Dear Genevieve,I can't believe you are already 3 weeks old!!!

Time has flown by already, and we are enjoying every single moment with you.

I have got a lot better at swaddling you, but one morning we woke up to find you had escaped!! Our little Houdini :)

This week you have started focusing more on us, and you are more alert every day. You have also started making more noises, which confuses Mommy in the morning! I rush in to comfort you when I hear you peep - but then your eyes are closed and you are still asleep:) This sometimes goes on for up to an hour before you fully wake up!

You really are growing by leaps and bounds, it's so fun to watch:)

Lots of Love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pics from Mom's camera

3 generations

Murray & Me

Chai's at Manly

At the library - awake & alert!

Her cute 'I love hugs' outfit with bear feet from auntie Megan

Today on the walk to Shelly beach - chilly but sunny!

Little feet poking out from the 'feeding apron' while we were out to lunch today - cute :)

Post feed & alert!

Cute little double chin

Genna, Me & flowers :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 2

Dear Genevieve,

Your second week has been great - your first full week at home!
Grandma dressed you up in a cute little hat that I think makes you look like a muffin :)

You also have been enjoying some cuddle time with Grandma & Grandpa

You are super cooperative for our little photo shoots which I appreciate

And already we can see you growing by leaps & bounds!

Your first home visit by a nurse was today and you impressed us all by weighing in above your birth weight - excellent at this point! And I'm not surprised as you do have a good appetite!

On your 2 week birthday we went to get your first passport photos! You were very cooperative and happy to be photographed (our child - really? ha). Mommy realizes now she probably should have dressed you in something brighter (& pink!). But oh well, you look cute, and now we can apply for your 3 passports (US, UK, Australia).

We can see you growing every day - already you have outgrown some outfits!!

You are also sleeping pretty well my little pumpkin (knock on wood)! You wake us up about twice a night to eat, but just by peeping to tell us you are awake. Rarely do you cry, although today when you got weighed you cried the loudest we have heard since the hospital - you just hate being naked and cold! I think of you even in my sleep - proven last night by when I awoke patting myself on the chest - thinking I had you there to comfort:) I think you, me and Daddy are getting the hang of this - we are getting to know you and you are getting to know us. Every day is new and we love watching you grow.

Also this week Daddy noticed when you make a fist you tuck your thumb in and under your first finger - just like Mommy does!!! We will try and capture it on film, but it just melted out hearts - so cute :)

Lots of Love,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Pics

1 Week 3 Days
Bath time with Daddy is fun!

She loves the warm water - and then a massage!

1 Week 4 Days

Checking out Grandpa

Genna's 'shower in a suitcase' very fun :)

1 Week, 5 Days

Yesterday we went for a lovely walk to Little Manly - chilly wind, but nice sunny day for a walk

Grandpa taking over stroller duties

Genna woke up just as we were quickly finishing eating our dinner (cause my nap went RIGHT up to when Murray finished making it)! So we put her in her bouncy chair for a few minutes while we finished - she looks SOOOOOOOO tiny in it!!!

and a BIG stretch before calming down enough to be wrapped for bed - cute :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Genevieve's Birth Song

We just realised the other day what song was playing when Genevieve was born (we had our own ipod mix that Murray made playing in the delivery room)

Turns out it was Semisonic - DND (do not disturb).

I LOVE that it was a Minnesota band playing!!!!!!!!!! And I officially cannot listen to this song now without crying :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our first outing to Manly !

Today we ventured out for the first time in our new stroller to get some fresh air in Manly!
Snug as a bug :) (I wasn't worried that the hat wasn't totally covering her ears since it wasn't cold - 70 degrees and WARM in the sun!)

Daddy by the beach

Genevieve loved the movement of the stroller - she slept SO SO soundly, even after we got home! Her longest sleep in days!!

And me with Genna and a much fuller stroller after a bit of grocery shopping:) Gosh it felt GREAT to get out of the house - I had only been out once in 8 days (just to walk from the hospital to the car)! The breeze was fresh down by the beach, but on the backstreets I was down to a t-shirt. Lovely lovely day - especially considering this is the middle of 'winter' :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Genevieve - 1 Week

Dear Genevieve,
Today you are one week old
Daddy and I are amazed by how tiny you are, just look how small you look compared to his hand!

Daddy is also amazed at how many dirty diapers you managed in just 2 days home (thank goodness for the diaper pail Aunty Helen gave us which seals them away like sausages!)

Most of your first week was spent in the hospital. We went in Sunday night (4th of July) and you arrived LATE Monday night on July 5th at 11:54. We checked out of the hospital Saturday July 10th.

You arrived with a little cry, but once you were on my skin you calmed right down. We had a great stay in hospital, the midwives were SO helpful, and thankfully you were only upset one evening. Otherwise, you slept and fed wonderfully:) We enjoyed every day we had in the hospital and all the help of the midwives gave us meant we went home confident we could do it on our own!

Today at one week old you lost your umbilical cord stub (ewww, glad that's gone)! You also got your first bath at home with Daddy which you loved.

You love to be held on our chests so you can hear and feel a heartbeat. You also are getting used to your diaper (nappy) being changed and don't often cry anymore at the exposure to the cold air!

We are both 1000% in love with you - such a cute little girl, you melt our hearts with every little thing you do.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Hospital Stay

We were spoiled with lots of lovely flowers

Sound asleep

She had her first hearing test this week - they put pads on her head and neck and little ear phones over her ears which play soft clicking sounds. The machine can then tell if her brain is registering the sound - all in her sleep - pretty amazing!!!

She passed both sides - YAY!

The food in the hospital was AMAZING. I got a new menu every day to order what I'd like.

Finally a pic of me with Genevieve :)

The hospital gave us a leaving dinner on our last night - champagne, an amazing salad, chicken with spinach wrapped in filo and.......

an amazing dessert! It was wonderful to toast our new baby together over such a lovely meal.

After bath time we got a photo in the hall - our little family of 3

A cute gift from my work mates - the flowers are made of socks, onesies, bibs, etc - sooooo cute!

Genevieve in our going home outfit that Daddy picked out

Getting her cute little pants on

Murray calmed her down after she ate so she'd be nice and sleepy for the car ride home

In her carseat - cutie pie

Hey - what are these things on my hands???

Snug as a bug

And we're ready to head home!!!!!!!!!!!!!