Monday, July 12, 2010

Genevieve - 1 Week

Dear Genevieve,
Today you are one week old
Daddy and I are amazed by how tiny you are, just look how small you look compared to his hand!

Daddy is also amazed at how many dirty diapers you managed in just 2 days home (thank goodness for the diaper pail Aunty Helen gave us which seals them away like sausages!)

Most of your first week was spent in the hospital. We went in Sunday night (4th of July) and you arrived LATE Monday night on July 5th at 11:54. We checked out of the hospital Saturday July 10th.

You arrived with a little cry, but once you were on my skin you calmed right down. We had a great stay in hospital, the midwives were SO helpful, and thankfully you were only upset one evening. Otherwise, you slept and fed wonderfully:) We enjoyed every day we had in the hospital and all the help of the midwives gave us meant we went home confident we could do it on our own!

Today at one week old you lost your umbilical cord stub (ewww, glad that's gone)! You also got your first bath at home with Daddy which you loved.

You love to be held on our chests so you can hear and feel a heartbeat. You also are getting used to your diaper (nappy) being changed and don't often cry anymore at the exposure to the cold air!

We are both 1000% in love with you - such a cute little girl, you melt our hearts with every little thing you do.



  1. What can a person say, she is beautiful, smart, and just wonderful. I would love to hold her near my heart. Gram Sis
    PS. Great mom and dad too.

  2. Love those photos of Genevieve on the Koala bear blanket. Thanks Monique for the great updates and thanks Murray for the gorgeous photos.
    Love, Grandma Debi and Grandpa John

  3. She melts all our hearts!! Love to you all ~Grand Auntie Joni

  4. She is absolutely adorable and perfect in every way! Huggable!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is the next best thing to actually being there! And I know one thing for sure, she will be the most creatively photographed sweet little girl ever. smile....looking forward to it!

  5. Happy One Week Birthday Little Miss Genevieve! You are so very precious. Love, Great Auntie Jani