Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Hospital Stay

We were spoiled with lots of lovely flowers

Sound asleep

She had her first hearing test this week - they put pads on her head and neck and little ear phones over her ears which play soft clicking sounds. The machine can then tell if her brain is registering the sound - all in her sleep - pretty amazing!!!

She passed both sides - YAY!

The food in the hospital was AMAZING. I got a new menu every day to order what I'd like.

Finally a pic of me with Genevieve :)

The hospital gave us a leaving dinner on our last night - champagne, an amazing salad, chicken with spinach wrapped in filo and.......

an amazing dessert! It was wonderful to toast our new baby together over such a lovely meal.

After bath time we got a photo in the hall - our little family of 3

A cute gift from my work mates - the flowers are made of socks, onesies, bibs, etc - sooooo cute!

Genevieve in our going home outfit that Daddy picked out

Getting her cute little pants on

Murray calmed her down after she ate so she'd be nice and sleepy for the car ride home

In her carseat - cutie pie

Hey - what are these things on my hands???

Snug as a bug

And we're ready to head home!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. YAY!! Ok so I was wrong on gender but at least I guessed the date!! Congrats on your little beauty! I love her name as well. :)

  2. How lovely! What great photos of her first time leaving the hospital. Now the adjustment and fun begins, the family of three...
    Enjoy, as time goes way too fast. My first is now nearly ten and my baby is now six. Time fly's!

  3. I AM CRYING! She is absolutely amazing you guys! I cannot wait to meet her! Wow, I am just speechless!

    And wow, what a hospital! Sounds like a 5 star resort! Thats a far cry from the ones around here...

    Give baby G kisses from me!!
    <3 Jolie

  4. Holy macaroni, your hospital looks like it was fantastic! Glad you all made it home. :)

  5. Grandpa John just told me to look at the blog and WOW!! Only a few days old and you can tell she's checking everything out already!! Look at her inspect her car seat and hand gloves!! She is SO SMART!!!! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! Love you all! ~Joni

  6. Wow, that is a fantastic hospital! And she is so precious, I can't wait to see more photos of her!

  7. You all look so lovely and she is absolutely gorgeous! Glad your hospital stay was so nice and enjoy your first few days at home.

  8. She is the cutest little girl ever. I cant wait to see all of you.

  9. Darling pictures; thanks for the updates.
    We cannot wait to come and see Genevieve.
    Love you, Mom and Dad

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!! She is so CUTE! I love the photo of the headphones! I can't believe she is really here!! Ohmygoodness!
    And cannot wait to meet her! I already made copies of the photos and are showing them off to EVERYONE!! Love you three!
    Aunt Jani

  11. Such nice photos, what a lovely little family! Congrats, again! Love that you had a nice hospital stay :)

  12. What a little sweetie!!! So thrilled for you guys, she looks so precious! And wow, that looks like one nice hospital!

  13. Congrats Mo! She's gorgeous!!!

  14. She's too cute for words!!!! So happy for you guys :)

  15. Lovely baby, sweet mama and daring dad! Little family with big hearts ... time flys, so pay attention to everyday 'cause she will change right before your eyes - it's MAGIC! Hugs to all, Cousins Larry and Susan

  16. What are those things on her hands? They look like giant oven mitts! :-) Great family photos - you look so happy. It made me laugh to see the closeup photos of food... Murray!
    Lots of love, Debs

  17. She is just precious!
    Good to hear that your hospital stay was so great, it makes a world of difference.
    Enjoy your first days home.

  18. Thats no Hospital thats a Hotel!!, Crumbs....

    You are all looking great, and Genevieve looks gorgeous. Everyone will say it but take lots of pictures the time will just fly. (i guess the pictures might not be a problem in your house)....

  19. Thanks everyone - yea Pete I don't think we'll have that problem - thank goodness for digital :)