Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Pics

1 Week 3 Days
Bath time with Daddy is fun!

She loves the warm water - and then a massage!

1 Week 4 Days

Checking out Grandpa

Genna's 'shower in a suitcase' very fun :)

1 Week, 5 Days

Yesterday we went for a lovely walk to Little Manly - chilly wind, but nice sunny day for a walk

Grandpa taking over stroller duties

Genna woke up just as we were quickly finishing eating our dinner (cause my nap went RIGHT up to when Murray finished making it)! So we put her in her bouncy chair for a few minutes while we finished - she looks SOOOOOOOO tiny in it!!!

and a BIG stretch before calming down enough to be wrapped for bed - cute :)


  1. Ohhhhhh! I have been checking this blog like crazy, it's so fun to see Grandpa John in his new role! That is one huge stash of pink in that suitcase, an obvious case of "first grandchild syndrome"!
    Enjoy this happy time together!
    Sue Johnson

  2. What a wonderful baby! She is darling---and I love her name! Glad to see your parents arrived safely and are loving every minute---Enjoy! love, Monica T.

  3. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Watch out for Grandpa John... if he lives up to his name he'll be pinching her!!!
    Love ya and glad you're all together!!

  4. Welcome to the world Genevieve!! I am so happy for all of you - Grandpa and Grandma look ecstatic. Congratulations to you, Monique and Murray! Enjoy each precious day with your beautiful daughter. Faye