Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 2

Dear Genevieve,

Your second week has been great - your first full week at home!
Grandma dressed you up in a cute little hat that I think makes you look like a muffin :)

You also have been enjoying some cuddle time with Grandma & Grandpa

You are super cooperative for our little photo shoots which I appreciate

And already we can see you growing by leaps & bounds!

Your first home visit by a nurse was today and you impressed us all by weighing in above your birth weight - excellent at this point! And I'm not surprised as you do have a good appetite!

On your 2 week birthday we went to get your first passport photos! You were very cooperative and happy to be photographed (our child - really? ha). Mommy realizes now she probably should have dressed you in something brighter (& pink!). But oh well, you look cute, and now we can apply for your 3 passports (US, UK, Australia).

We can see you growing every day - already you have outgrown some outfits!!

You are also sleeping pretty well my little pumpkin (knock on wood)! You wake us up about twice a night to eat, but just by peeping to tell us you are awake. Rarely do you cry, although today when you got weighed you cried the loudest we have heard since the hospital - you just hate being naked and cold! I think of you even in my sleep - proven last night by when I awoke patting myself on the chest - thinking I had you there to comfort:) I think you, me and Daddy are getting the hang of this - we are getting to know you and you are getting to know us. Every day is new and we love watching you grow.

Also this week Daddy noticed when you make a fist you tuck your thumb in and under your first finger - just like Mommy does!!! We will try and capture it on film, but it just melted out hearts - so cute :)

Lots of Love,


  1. That hat is too funny! She is cute! And I love those 2 weeks blocks!

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Grandma and Grandpa look soooooooo happy! Glad you're all enjoying this wonderful time together! Thanks for the photos!! ~Joni

  3. I love the muffin hat! Just think in 3 years she'll be saying "I dont want to wear that"...or is that just my little princess!! Hope everything is going well and you are getting some sleep xx Jenny Watson

  4. Whatta dolly! Thank you for letting us be part of Genna's life with your photo-history and commentary. We LOVE it! ~Great Aunt Jani