Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The rest of the bday photos

Thanks Steve for taking photos too :)
Playing in her cubby house

Mama, Genna & Dada (and Elmo!)


Princess :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

At the Beach

I'm waiting on a few more b-day pics from Murray, but in the meantime I'll post these pictures from our excusion to Manly 2 weeks ago. We went there on our day off to catch up with friends, and then went to the beach for a quick play, as I had promised her we would go and she was yelling BEACH BEACH all day :)
Cool Glasses
Ahhhhhh cold but FUN

Water Mama!

Running! (she always stops when I yell WAIT! to wait for the incoming tide and not run TO it!)

Messy but so so so fun! She LOVES the beach  - even in winter :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Genevieve's 2nd Birthday - Part 2

The start of the cake (thanks Joni for the awesome cake tin!!!)

Step 1 - eyes, nose & mouth


and a little view of the table cloth too :)

Getting ready for night time cling film - ouch!

My egg casserole - ready to go in the oven
PRETTY! is what she kept saying when we put this skirt on

Hello? You're on you way? Oh good!

Just taking a little walk with my handbag!
Drink break

Lunch with Clara

Amelia holding baby Harris
Blowing out the candle :)
Dada making the first cut to the cake - the eye - ouch!


Enjoying your cake ladies? Genna with her friends Chloe & Louisa

Selina with Harris (only 3 weeks old!)
Chloe playing with Amelia

Darling Clara

Taking a rest on the sofa with Baba

New Mum - second time around - Lindsay

Sneaking in a bit more cake!

Louisa playing

Yummmm cake - there wasn't a piece left at the end of the afternoon!


Rock-a-bye baby

All tuckered out


HA! there's a deer on here too!

So what do you have there?

Gorgeous Amelia
Baby Rosie

and her cute boots!

Such a sweetie
A play box that goes with her new kitchen set

ohhhh broccoli too!

What's THIS?

Now look here Granddad!
I'll show you how

Taste this one GrandDad!

or maybe grapes?

Penguin cuddles ;)


cook cook cook

Cleaning up with a party napkin

Filling up a glass of water

WOW that was a fun, but exhausting day!

A few more pictures to follow soon :)