Friday, July 6, 2012

Minnesota - final blog

Cuddling with 3 Bunnies (and some carrots!)

She loved this cow too - so cute

She found this book of photos from when she was born and was saying 'Dada!!!'

Cuddles with Grandma

Cute lady with her grocery cart :)


Raisins & Aunt Mariah - what fun!
BIKES!! It was only while in Minnesota that she figured out how to push a bike along successfully with her feet!

While I was visiting friends up North, Genna was meeting new friends - lunch with her friend Cooper.

Fun with trucks too

On my way to Beth's house - Babe the Blue Ox - dressed as Elvis!!! Love it!

Beth and I had a fantastic lunch out by the lake - amazing food (biggest wings I have ever seen!) and great company - SO lovely to catch up :)

Back at the house Blake was busy helping with the dishes :)

Cuddles with Daddy

For you Steph - I drove past Paul Bunyan Land on the way back - I only saw Babe the Blue Ox there though!

Best drink EVER - water with grape flavor - yummmmmmy
The next day we celebrated Johnny & Kyle's graduation from the University of Minnesota!

Joni made a GORGEOUS cake & super duper cute Golden Gopher cupcakes!! (their mascot)

Jessi, Me & Genna at the grad party

Genna having a chat with Jessi


Giving rocks to Steve

The grads having a chat with their friends

Genna & Joni

Hey I see some frogs down there!

Cuddles with Gigi

The next day we had a party for Genna and Joni made this GORGEOUS cake for her!! (that's Taylor Swift by the way!)

Taylor's lovely cape & hair!

Joni made ladybug cupcakes too (Johnny helped with the decorating!) they looked AWESOME!

More syrup Mama! Genevieve's lovely brunch
Ohhhh a farm - fun!

Playing with the barn
And a piano!

I might just try these on

And these

Oh lovely new glasses!

Now I need to get these cd player working
More cd

Look  Marky - this is how you do it

Ohhhh my very own guitar!
Help Grandpa!

Good guitar playing Mama!

Now must try on these shoes

She LOVED unwrapping the presents

Oh WOW my very own leap pad!!

New play doh to play with Mariah too!

See now Grandma this is how you do it!

Now can I do snack break?

Ohhhh new life jacket!

Look - I'm a shark!
Hey Kevin - do you like my necklace?

Help Please!

Presents - YAY!

Uncle Marky testing out Genna's new guitar

Cute princess socks too!

The concentration tongue was out a LOT - very exciting getting presents!

Ohhhhh pretty ladybug watch - Genna's first watch!

What do you think about that Elmo?

Wake up Grandpa - I want to play you a song!

Cool new glasses!!
Please Mama Please!
Concentration tongue for more present opening!!

Ohhhh a fancy bag for my leap pad - lovely!
Necklaces - YAY!

and bracelets - HOORAY!
Mike, Alex & Megan

Brock ready to go out on the boat in his new life jacket!

Later that day we went on the boat - the weather was gorgeous!
Marcus on the jet ski

Marcus pulling Johnny wakeboarding

bubbles with Grandma

What are you doing in there Grandpa?

Cuddles with Grandma
Look - more boats!
Time for cake!

Oh dear - you can see Taylor's undies!!

Don't worry - I'll sort that cake out!

Cute cousin Alex
Mama, Genna & Goldfish crackers - her new favorite!
Hello there little cousin!

Ok one more for me!

What? You want one too?

Ok just one then!

Later that evening we went to the horse races!

What is THAT guy doing?

Amy, Marcus, Genna, Alex & Grandpa watching the race

Grandma & Grandpa with their Grandchildren :)

Sunny Marky!

COME MARKY COME! (she yelled this a LOT!)

Tractor - YAY!

Watching with Grandpa

That was SO SO fun!

Oh what's over there?

HOORAY!!! What a GREAT time!
Horses - FUN!

I don't know about petting that huge thing Grandpa!

The next day we had a ladies day (while Grandpa babysat). Lunch was Mexican - SO yummy & GREAT company!

Busy day at the spa! Me getting a manicure - Mom & Grandma on pedicures

We were rushed in the end so they got 2 ladies to finish off Grandma's toes ha ha!

Johnny's girlfriend Annie had this hat made for Genna.....

Which was very cute but she did NOT want to keep it on!

Grandma Sis, Marcus, Amy & I went to a concert at the Minnesota Zoo one night - that was good fun!

The band was great and they had VERY cool sunglasses :)

Sadly our trip came to an end - so I had to do some expert packing. Yes she is spoiled - by so many people who love her SO much - but not spoiled rotten - I think she knows how lucky she is :)
We were both sad to say goodbye to Minnesota - I cried when we took off - and thinking of our leaving at the airport when I said say goodbye to Grandma and she started crying and ran to her yelling GRANDMA! So sweet.

Luckily she did get some sleep on the plane like this - with her feet on my lap :)

She sure was thrilled to see her Dada - LOTS of cuddles!

She remembers EVERYONE from our trip too - and these awesome magnets from Joni are great fun for her to point out to me every day :)


  1. Tender and touching blog...the photos of Genevieve are just precious. We all thought of Genna's 2nd birthday on 4th of July(day later in Oz), when we were on the lake. This year she will have four parties: Minnesota with our family, in Australia with Nana and Grand Dad,the party with friends, and a daycare cupcake extravaganza. So good to be loved! Tears rolled down our cheeks as we recalled the airport scene; doesn't seem to get any easier, but we know she is thriving, well cared for, and happy in Australia.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Love this. Especially Paul Bunyan Land!!! Joni's cakes look amazing! It was so lovely to come see where you're from (after all, you've seen Crawley!) And meet all your family. Thank you all to all the Esmays and Hogies for making Charlie and I feel so welcome!

    Btw, I also had a little tear when I left. Bring on November!

    Steph Xx

  3. Ohmygoodness.....the magnets video is PRECIOUS!!! Love all the Minnesota photos! We miss you guys already!!
    Love yous,
    Great Auntie Jani

    PS - looking fwd to Murray's birthday cake for Genna!!

  5. New motto... Vroom Vroom Vroom!!!

    Can't get enough!


  6. Okay.....I think I hit the watched-it-a-hundred-times mark!!
    ~Great Auntie Jani

  7. Such a happy & well loved little 2 year old! Doesn't it make you wonder what life was like w/o little Genna?

  8. Okay... just had a very hectic day... needed something to unwind... watched this video over and over... truly puts me into my Happy Place!!
    Love you,