Thursday, July 12, 2012

Genna's Second Birthday - part 1 (updated!!)

Happy (belated) 4th of July!!!

Having some rice in her 2012 USA flag shirt :)

Ohhhh what's this Dada?

oh WOW!!

Her very own baby doll cradle!! Lovingly made by GrandDad with bedding/decor chosen by Nanna

There you go Woof Woof

Pat Pat Pat

I LOVE it!!
Helping Mama make cupcakes (she loves to yell 'MIXING!!!')

Birthday cupcakes to share with Nanna & GrandDad - banana & sultana - yummm
Books with Nanna

Genna's cake to share with her daycare friends - decorated by GrandDad!
Pictures from Swimming! First week back since we had been on holiday and WOW was she confident! Our teacher Angel (we love her - she's a great teacher) gave her lots of high 5's and cuddles to congradulate her on how confident and calm she was with the activities! Here she is climbing over a bar on a platform - after 'swimming' to it by holding her arms out and grabbing on.

The final part of the lesson - where the kids walk across a mat and jump to Mama. She LOVES the mat and starts yelling 'MAT MAT' when she sees is coming :)

Cute lady ready for  her pjs :)

This blog wasn't meant to have been published last night - as I wasn't done!! Our internet is playing up a lot lately though - very annoying.


A little bit about you at 2

All of the sudden you have started pointing at things and saying ‘What’s This?’ ALL THE TIME!! I love how inquisitive you are! You also repeat whatever word I tell you, you are a little parrot lately – soaking up new words & knowledge like a sponge!

You also are getting quite creative at bed time. You use every delay tactic in the book! The other night I said say goodnight to Dada and Nanna and GrandDad.
Then we went into your room, I got you into your sleepsack and said it’s time for bed.
You said: Nana? (I replied - No – she went night night)
GrandDad? (No – he went night night)
Dada? (No – he went night night too)
Cereal? (No, you had your dinner and you ate a lot)
Milk Cup? (No – you had a huge cup while reading books and then pushed it away saying no more)
I said bed time! You said 'ok' and finally layed down with Baba & Baby- I guess you had exhausted every delay tactic you could think of :)
You funny little thing – you’re getting SO smart! Then you said 'Pat Back Mama.' So after you rolled onto your tummy I patted your back for awhile before patting Baba too and then saying goodnight Genna & Baba!

You also are starting to care about others with is lovely. When we were on the plane back to Australia you were sticking your finger in my mouth and scratched my lip. I said Genna stop please - you're giving Mama owies. You stopped immediately then patted my head and said 'Alright Mama?' while looking me in the eyes - very sweet.

And even when you are completely frustrating me - at least you are still polite:) I made you a meal the other night (something that you DO like usually)! You took one look at it and said 'NO TANK U!!!!' and ran out of the room (how I think your 'no thank you' sounds). Ha ha - ok then, you can have something else.

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  1. I had to delete the first post because it would NOT format correctly. So here are the comments that got deleted with it :)

    The cradle is adorable!! Did GrandDad make that?
    Happy Birthday, Genna!
    Love you all,

    The flag idea was so cute! Darling picture of Nana Lyn and Genevieve. Peter built a precious cradle for Genna's babies...that will be a keepsake for sure.
    Love and kisses, Grandma and Grandpa