Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Update blog - School disco, Easter, etc!

Max with Helen at Genna's school disco

'My big boy'!

Poppy got selected to go on stage and blow bubbles to the crowd :)

Genna with some friends (from right) Max, Poppy, Genna, Aavani, Lily & Lily's sister Sarah

Old school fun!

Although I strongly disagree with this song being played at a school disco, she doesn't know what the words are - just loves the beat and how CUTE is her dancing!! :)

She had SUCH a fantastic night. SO great that it was on her last day of primary school in Australia. And it was made extra super special because her aunty Helen came too!

*some catchup pics from my phone
Back to day to day life - waiting for swimming lessons ha ha - I just like the picture of long legs!

CANNOT avoid puddles

TRACTOR! he loves that thing

Sweet - he loves that she can read to him now

Check out our cool new robes!

head massage ha ha

All dressed up for harmony day at school - she chose the outfit :) You were supposed to wear something that represents your background - it's a day that celebrates 'everyone's cultural diversity'
Her last school speech - she had to make and then say the steps for a healthy meal, She wrote everything herself!

The teacher said it was so great she hung it up on the wall in the classroom as an example for everyone as a great presentation :) Genna was SO proud!
SOMEONE has decided he doesn't want to nap in his cot (crib) anymore!! He doesn't nap every 3-4 days, the other days I put on a movie and he falls asleep on the sofa :)

Year 1 photo - so gorgeous 

WEEEEOOOOO (as Max would say) at the mall
Easter Show with Nanna!

'picking' carrots (it was a farm experience)

And ice cream afterwards with Nanna :)

Max was too terrified to get up close for a picture - balloon man/creature!

GOATS! and sheep - everywhere!

then even had little brushes for them

Hard to get clear photos - everyone was on the move!

And on the carousel ride

It was such a fun day :)

even the lamb is smiling :)
The next day we all went to Balmoral beach - WOW what a gorgeous Autumn day. Followed up by some delicious fish & chips. Gorgeous gorgeous part of Sydney
At the park flying their fun new kites from Nanna & GrandDad

SOOOOOO much fun :)

At a playland - cuddles on the shark :)

RAHHHHR we're lions
Genna's to do list - W Bank
Pennant Hills Hotel

This is why she was SO excited she made a list - her OWN farewell party with friends
Max, Genna, Olivia, Lily & Hetanshi

We brought cupcakes too - she looks a bit sad cause she had just fallen down in the playland but I had to get a cupcake pic!
Olivia, Genna, Chloe & Alessia

They had SUCH a great time. Hetanshi, Poppy, Genna & Olivia

Heidi, Sarah, Genna & Hetanshi


Max with his buddy JJ (Jacob). He was SO overheated because he insisted on wearing this sweatshirt OVER a long sleeve t-shirt - because he loves the lion! He had an absolute blast though.

SO great for Genna to have her own special party with her friends from school - she was over the moon.

Didn't quite make it to the sofa :) I took him out of the car and he didn''t even wake up so I figured I'll take these cuddles while I can still get them!!!

Easter show take 2 !

the wood chopping was fun to watch!

Max kept screaming 'GOOOOOOOO'
Genna with a huge slightly creepy doll


Max said 'Mama come, hold hand'

Max, Lorraine, Helen & Genna on the giant ferris wheel

trying on Dadda's shoes ha ha


Our fun minion eggs :)
A super fun hunt - thank you Easter bunny Helen :)