Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cough hack cough

Yes I am STILL coughing - and I'm SOOOOOOOOO over it!
Work is SUPER busy and I am trying to attend meetings and get things done while hacking up a lung - great!

Tonight I am downing Anna's suggestion of hot water, lemon & tea- let's hope this does the trick.
I do NOT want to be coughing all weekend as well!!!! (seems to be working already!)

Oh - and any tips for killing ants in a car? Seems we have a bunch of little guys living in Bruce. I have seen one or two every day, but today we left a tupperwear on the floor that we had previously had food in and when we went to go home it had a TON of ants in it!!! That is IT - no more wrappers left in the car (from granola bars) - I can't say we'll never eat in the car cause sometimes we are just running SO late that we really have to - but I think I need to put down some poison or something!?!? I swear we do NOT usually leave any sort of food or even container in there - I'm just not sure where they are coming from?

And - is the TV show Private Practice the new more soapy version of ER? Because it seems I cannot watch an episode without ending up crying. But it's just such a good show that I still watch it every week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oink oink

I am still getting over my post flight jet lag cold - all I have left is this darn cough.
Murray teases me saying I must have swine flu, so I make sure to oink once and awhile between coughs.

Really, I only cough now when I am in stressful situations (like meeting with the big boss yesterday - and in the training course today - why oh why can't I just cough on the WAY to work or at lunch!!!) and when I lay down I cough, so getting to sleep is tough. I don't feel sick at all anymore - it is just an annoying cough! But anyhow it seems to be going away more every day - so I'm hoping in a day or so it'll be gone, the oinks too.

I'm glad tomorrow is Wednesday already, not much more to report really.
Work is busy, it's getting chilly here (but we are DETERMINED to still use our BBQ and patio furniture for as long as possible - since we only bought them a few weeks ago - so anyone who is coming over make sure you dress for sitting outside!!!!)

Oh and I just finished the book 'Beneath a Marble Sky' by John Shors - a fictional (but based on some facts) story about the building of the Taj Mahal - it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good - I highly recommend it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Review

When I got back from America I noticed the lovely new wine rack that Murray & his Dad made from some wood scraps in a few hours over Easter - lovely! It's actually some nice Australian Hardwood....not sure of the weighs a ton! It's the first production from Wood & Son Ltd.

We had a nice Saturday - walked along the beach and enjoyed the WARM weather and Murray enjoyed the warm water- people were actually sunbathing - the sun was that hot - in autumn - fantastic!!!

Helen came over for M&M turkey tacos (yummm) and we got stuck into Lost 4 - the dvd set has been sitting here for awhile - although EVERY episode ends with us saying ???WHAT??? - I love it - great great show!

Today we decided we'd walk down along the beach again, enjoy the sun and surf, then head up the Northern beaches for a fish burger.
We went to Newport Beach especially for this cracker - fish on a bun with coleslaw & seafood sauce.
Oh My Gosh - it was amazing!

Afterward we decided to FINALLY go check out Manly Dam - the dam is HUGE - I'd say it's more like Manly Lake

Lots of tiny lily pads - lovely (until I spoke to the guy fishing from the dam & he told us he catches huge eels in there - ewwww no swimming for me!)

They DO have a waterskiing ramp though.... take note!

We will definitely be back to picnic up some time - lovely part of Manly that SO many people had told us about - I'm really glad we checked it out:)

Tonight Murray oiled our Teak table and chairs - they look SO nice now!! Table top took him all of three minutes, the 8 chairs with all their little slats and nooks......took forever!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Am I EVER glad that I only had 3 days of work this week! I was so exhausted from jet lag that I ended up getting a cold - so by last night I was ready for the weekend!!! Although I have to say I HATE that my coughing woke me up at 7am on a Saturday - that is just wrong!

Today is ANZAC day here in Australia - Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War at Gallipoli in Turkey. It is the day where we honour all members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).

For anyone who wants to learn more about the battle in WWI you should watch Mel Gibson's movie 'Gallipoli' - which is fantastic.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Megan & Mike's Wedding

The day after I arrived in Minnesota we headed over to my Grandma's house for my sister Megan's bridal shower
The lovely umbrella cupcake cake - cute!!

The lovely nibbles table - lots of very nice food

My grandmas - Sis & Sally

Aunt Denise & me

Mom & her friends - so nice for so many people to come to the shower

Me & the Bride Megan

Megan looking lovely in her dress

One of the fun games involved drawing a picture of the bride - but you had to do it on the top of your head - very difficult! Megan got to choose who was the winner!

Joni, Jolie & Jani

Time to open gifts!!! (notice my notebook - I was the gift recorder! :)

Lovely cushions to match her new beadspread - they match the color of her bedroom

Aunt sue with one of the toasting glasses Joni & Jani decorated for Megan & Mike

cousin Jenny showing off some of the lovely embroidered gifts Megan got

Megan was a BIT embarrassed by this one - ha ha!

Joni used her fabulous scrapbooking machine to make the designs on this package - so cool!

The hosts - the aunties - from left Jani, Sue, Lolly, Megan, Joni, Denise & Julie

Megan & her Godmother Lolly (Leticia)

Sisters - Me, Mariah, Megan & Mandie

(back row l to r) Molly (Josh's fiance), Mariah, Jenny, Megan, Jolie, Jenny
(front row) Me, Katie, Mandie, MacKenzie & Lisa

Mom, Megan, Grandma Sally & Grandma Sis

The following Thursday evening - we had a 'bachlorette night out' for Megan
All dressed up as the Bride to Be!

Megan & the Grandmas

Me & Megan

Megan with the aunties - Jani, Joni & Denise

Putting out feet up - time to relax a bit!

Megan & auntie Julie

She did really well with the bachlorette bingo cards!

Sisters - I guess we all like pink! That wasn''t even planned:)


& the 3 aunties who are sisters - with Megan

Mike was at the Twins game for his bachelor night out - so we got this picture of Megan with one of the Minnesota Twins:)

This random guy bought Megan a cocktail as a congrats - that was nice:)

Megan & Grandma Sis

Another guy gave her $20 !?! NICE - early wedding gift!

Joni, Jenny & Me doing our best 'Blue Steel'

Grandma Sally & Julie

Jolie & her Mom Jani

Mariah got a strike - YAYYYY!

Bowling Bride ! Pretty darn cute

Mariah & Megan both got strikes!

Jani & her 'embarassing my Niece the Bride' t-shirt - lol

After a pitiful run of barely knocking down any pins I actually got a STRIKE!

It was a REALLY fun night - great to get out and celebrate

The next evening was time for the wedding rehearsal
Listening to the Deacon telling us what would happen tomorrow - Megan & the boys

Us girls listened as well to the church's wedding planner lady

Dad & Megan practicing the big walk down the aisle

The lovely couple - Megan & Mike

We also practiced sitting down during the ceremony..... Me, Mandie, Mariah & Jenny

I admit Marcus and I did not go to the rehearsal dinner......
A long time ago Marcus bought tickets to go see the Scottish band Travis perform - and he got me a ticket for my birthday! So after the rehearsal at the church we raced down there. Travis was FANTASTIC!!!! And Fran the lead singer is so fab - his voice was better than the album, they played a LOT of great old stuff, and he even walked into the crowd at one point and was only a few feet away from me!!!! They ROCK - I would SO go see them again!

Next day I was up early - Jolie picked me up and we headed over to Megan's to get ready for the BIG DAY!
Megan getting her hair done by Mariah's boyfriend's sister who is a hairdresser (also named Megan)

Jolie helped out Mandie & I with our hair as well (THANKS AGAIN JOLIE!!!!)

Megan all set in curlers!

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (Jolie also did all the makeup - fab!)

Eventually we made our way to the church - Jenny was workin' it!

my brother Marcus with cousins Trevor & Kyle

The girls had a little 'waiting room' at the back of the church where we hid out until it was time for the show - doesn't Megan look SOOOOOOOOO happy and beautiful here?!?!!

Dad at the church

The ceremony was beautiful & went really well!

Afterwards there was a receiving line
Mike, Jani & Megan outside of the church

Then the bridal party headed off for some park photos.... when we were finished we made our way to the reception venue

Luckily I got there JUST as my cousin Jenny was getting ready to take a few photos before heading off with her date Pat to the dance (a wedding & prom all in one day!!!)

Jenny & Me - doesn't she look STUUUUUUUUUUUUNING!!!! (and only 16!)

Me, Jenny & her Mom Denise
and another one of us - I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad I got to see her in her stunning dress before she had to leave for Prom!!!!!

We had some time to kill before the reception - so we had cocktails in my parent's room

Me & my friend Jessi - she was a great help too with the setup at the reception venue!

My great Uncle Norman (my Mom's uncle) and aunt Denise

Mandie, Pat (Mariah's boyfriend) & Mariah

My Mom's friend Beth (who coordinated all the gorgeous decorations in the ballroom), Grandma & Mom

Uncle Kevin with the bride

Aunt Joni, Me & Megan

Joni & Mandie

Norman with his two nieces my Mom Deb & Denise

Grandma Sis & Mike - her new Grandson-in-law

Kevin, Mike & Kyle toasting the happy day!

Me with my two good friends Mike & Beth

My Mom's friend Beth put flowers on the cake - doesn't it look FAB!

Posing for a cake cutting photo!

Megan & Mike enjoying their fabulous red velvet cake

Dad with his brothers Joel & Jay - it was a happy event for everyone - fun to celebrate :)

Groomsman Marcus

Me with my friends Beth & Jessi

The happy couple!

The reception room looks fabulous!

Happy Grandmas

Pat & Mariah

There was a LOT of glass tinkling - promting the couple to kiss - fun :)

For their first dance Marcus sang, played guitar & played harmonica to their favorite song

I can't remember the name of the song...... Marcus ???? can you put it in the comments?

Megan thanking Marcus - he really did do a great job

Then the dancing began!!!

Fun fun!

Mother & Son enjoying a slow song

Sisters dancing together too - wow I guess I DID get tan this summer - lol

Grandma & Mandie

I am guessing YMCA? or something like that???

Beth & Megan

And a family shot - Grandma Sally & her kids

Sisters looking lovely

Marcus & Jessi

Beth & Mike

Me slow dancing with Grandma - I'm laughing cause I had to stick my bum really far out to get down to her height:)

Getting emotional - Me, Mom, Dad & Grandma

Beth, Jolie & Jessi

The next couple in our family to get married - Molly & Josh set their day for summer 2009!!

Kevin & Joni enjoying a dance

The band was GREAT - thus the dance floor was always filled!

This is what happens when the band plays Mustang Sally (my cousins pointing at Grandma Sally!)

Jani with the newly married couple

Tossing the bouquet

My great buddies - it was SO SO nice to see them - I love them both like sisters:)

Father of the bride & the bride

Dance Dance Dance!

And more dancing.....

I even got my cousin Johnny to slow dance with me for one song!

Beth & My Dad dancing - they later cut in on me & Johnny so Dad and I could dance together too:)

Beth & Joni being silly

Anyhow - to wrap up it was a FANTASTIC NIGHT!

I flew out the next day, no fun to have to leave so soon after the wedding, but I had to get back to work. I miss everyone like crazy, but I also will treasure the happy times on Saturday night.