Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cough hack cough

Yes I am STILL coughing - and I'm SOOOOOOOOO over it!
Work is SUPER busy and I am trying to attend meetings and get things done while hacking up a lung - great!

Tonight I am downing Anna's suggestion of hot water, lemon & tea- let's hope this does the trick.
I do NOT want to be coughing all weekend as well!!!! (seems to be working already!)

Oh - and any tips for killing ants in a car? Seems we have a bunch of little guys living in Bruce. I have seen one or two every day, but today we left a tupperwear on the floor that we had previously had food in and when we went to go home it had a TON of ants in it!!! That is IT - no more wrappers left in the car (from granola bars) - I can't say we'll never eat in the car cause sometimes we are just running SO late that we really have to - but I think I need to put down some poison or something!?!? I swear we do NOT usually leave any sort of food or even container in there - I'm just not sure where they are coming from?

And - is the TV show Private Practice the new more soapy version of ER? Because it seems I cannot watch an episode without ending up crying. But it's just such a good show that I still watch it every week.

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  1. Oh, no. You got that nasty bug that Marcus had before the wedding. I am sure that the longgg plane ride and the exhausting week before it did not help either. Mariah and I were sick this week, too. Seems to be going around. Love you, Mom