Monday, April 6, 2009

Lovely Weekend again

But first - a few more pictures from Murray's birthday - because I got a copy of Helen's photos this weekend
He liked his big yummy double burger!


What? For Me? I think he liked the surprise - and the singing waitresses!

It looked pretty cool too!

The main dessert was chocolate mouse coated in chocolate - fabulous!

And now - this past weekend!
We enlisted our friends Cameron & Richard (who had just flew in from the U.K.) to come over & help us set up our new BBQ!

It was NOT an easy job! They were told it'd take around 2 hours - it ended up taking 4!!

It took so long that it started to get a bit dark!

And they had to get out the flashlights - but we HAD to finish - because we were planning on cooking dinner on that thing!!!

This is the cleanest it'll ever be I am sure!

A mysterious gap next to the hot plate - we found out the next day that there was an extra piece that fits in there - oh ok - no worries

These stones are 'flamer tamers' to help distribute the heat & hopefully cook the food evenly!

After half an hour to 'cure' the new grills - we popped the food on!

Cameron & Murray working hard !

Then - DISASTER - Cameron dropped a sausage!!

Sneaking it back on the grill - WE SAW THAT!

Finally everything was done and we sat down to eat - Cameron, Me & Richard
(and and notice the new patio table which we also picked up this weekend - we LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! and got a great deal - fantastic!)

On Sunday we headed to a lovely beach not far from Manly for Zephyr's first birthday party!
Murray, Cassie (Zephyr's Mom) & Me (it was a green themed party!)

Hamish (Zephyr's Dad) & Murray

The gorgeous & tasty tiny cupcakes - SO cute!

Helen with a cupcake, me with a face cookie! They had lots & lots of great food!

Eventually the birthday boy woke up from his nap and had a snack while wearing his king frog cape!

The cake Cassie made - isn't it fantastic!!! The shark even has fish in it's mouth lol - so creative!

I think Zephyr liked it too!

Cutting the cake

And scooping out the blue (coconut) 'water'

Father & son

Murray, Zephyr & Me

Murray & Zephyr watching people try to smash open the pinata!

We got him a few toys from the pinata - he liked the ball, Murray liked the whistle

Hmmmm what is this thing on my wrist?

and how did THIS get on my finger?

We had to take advantage of photo time with Zephyr as of course he was hot property and had to work the room to say hello to everyone:)

Me & Zephyr
Happy Birthday Boy with Helen

It was a fun party - great to see people we hadn't seen in ages, lovely food and a gorgeous & happy birthday boy! :)

and finally a random photo when we stopped to pick up a few more things for our BBQ later that day - just outside the store they were demonstrating a BBQ by cooking a beer can chicken - it smelled SO nice!!! How bizarre to cook AT the BBQ store though - so Aussie!

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  1. I just have to say beer can chicken rocks! But a cooking demo at a BBQ store is a bit odd.

    I always enjoy reading about your fun adventures!