Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to the grind

Today in the little kitchen on my floor (where you can heat up lunch & get a cup of tea) I noticed on the bulletin board a very creative sign.

It was a piece of paper set out like those ads with little tear off strips at the bottom - which usually hold a phone number regarding the item for sale.

It said 'FREE - strips of paper for writing down phone numbers, or to dispose of your chewing gum, or for spit balls - up to you - price - FREE!

LOL - and most of them were gone - that made me smile - how silly!

p.s. I love that here like in the UK they have a couple of cartons of milk in the fridge & free tea bags & coffee for your afternoon fix (tea with milk hold the sugar for me thanks!) And best of all - free cookies!!! I think I may grow to like this place:)

other good things today - they finally got my badge working so I can go to the restroom without having to buzz the doorbell to get let back onto my floor and they installed a phone at my desk so I don't have to go sit in someone else's desk to make calls - fantastic!

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