Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Review

When I got back from America I noticed the lovely new wine rack that Murray & his Dad made from some wood scraps in a few hours over Easter - lovely! It's actually some nice Australian Hardwood....not sure of the weighs a ton! It's the first production from Wood & Son Ltd.

We had a nice Saturday - walked along the beach and enjoyed the WARM weather and Murray enjoyed the warm water- people were actually sunbathing - the sun was that hot - in autumn - fantastic!!!

Helen came over for M&M turkey tacos (yummm) and we got stuck into Lost 4 - the dvd set has been sitting here for awhile - although EVERY episode ends with us saying ???WHAT??? - I love it - great great show!

Today we decided we'd walk down along the beach again, enjoy the sun and surf, then head up the Northern beaches for a fish burger.
We went to Newport Beach especially for this cracker - fish on a bun with coleslaw & seafood sauce.
Oh My Gosh - it was amazing!

Afterward we decided to FINALLY go check out Manly Dam - the dam is HUGE - I'd say it's more like Manly Lake

Lots of tiny lily pads - lovely (until I spoke to the guy fishing from the dam & he told us he catches huge eels in there - ewwww no swimming for me!)

They DO have a waterskiing ramp though.... take note!

We will definitely be back to picnic up some time - lovely part of Manly that SO many people had told us about - I'm really glad we checked it out:)

Tonight Murray oiled our Teak table and chairs - they look SO nice now!! Table top took him all of three minutes, the 8 chairs with all their little slats and nooks......took forever!


  1. What no pub or two up on Anzac day? I actually ended up over your way at the Harbour Hotel. Then back at De Why beach to a friends house. Apparently Manly Dam (which i had never heard of..) had a lovely dawn service for ANZAC day... Maybe next year eh!

  2. Hey Monique - I'm so jealous you went home to MN for Easter! Hope the weather was nice for you. Was the flight killer, for such a quick trip? My mom said the weather was awesome on Friday - like 80 degrees!

    Anyway, we should meet up for drinks sometime! It would be great to hear how another MN girl like me also lived in London, then traveled for a year, then moved to Oz! Crazy coincidence. Where are you guys based, again?



    ps - your teak furniture looks awesome!

  3. Is that a Brown Brothers bottle I see? I'm soooooo jealous... Their Moscato is in the top 10 things I miss about Australia.

  4. Ok, of all the lovely, fun and wonderful things you've posted about from this weekend, the thing that catches my eye the most is that nice bottle of penfolds wine in the great new rack :)

    Seriously though... you always do the coolest stuff and take great pictures. My life is so boring.

    Ps... I thought I'd mention that I have another friend from MN who lived in london for a bit and now has moved to Australia :)

  5. That fish burger looks amazing. I'd love to know where the shop is. We head to Newport from time to time, so it is worth checking out. I love your teak furniture too! Very nice, very Aussie! :-)