Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy busy busy

Dad and I fly to the states tomorrow, and this week has been VERY hectic (thus, the lack of blogs).

I made it to the airport ok to pick him up(well, other than that I ended up in a pay lot and had to pay $7 for 20 minutes of parking - nice), but missed my exit on the way back (we were stopping to pick up Murray from work). It was another one of those signs that was posted up over a split in the road - but it is SO big and easily viewed from the other road it makes you think THAT is where you should be. Anyhow, we somehow ended up going through the harbour tunnel, had to turn around and go back over the harbour bridge, took a wrong turn again, and finally picked up Murray - he drove home from there. Whew

I am looking forward to going to the states and I am happy that I have a full week to help with the preparations for my sister's wedding and to just see everyone - HOORAY!


  1. Safe travels back to the US and have fun!

  2. Seriously, Mo - get yourself satnav!!!