Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 Weeks

Week 1 comparison - Genna & Max (thanks Joni!)
Week 2 !

Hospital family of 4 photo :)

Out at the mall
Genna LOVES her stroller step!

Sound asleep - he's very comfy in his carseat
practicing :)

Cuddles with Dadda

Playing with a bouncy ball we found when cleaning out her playroom


And for comparison :) Marcus and I - 1982
First bath at home with Dadda

He was VERY upset, so we let him have the dummy (pacifier) to calm him down - then he sat quite happily in the warm water :)

This week Aunty Helen came to stay, we also celebrated Helen's birthday! (Genna let her blow out 1 candle while she blew out the other 3 ha ha)

Helen took Genna in to Wildlife World one day - they had a GREAT time :)
Mama cuddles
Grocery shopping today - he was snug as a bug in my new carrier - just perfect :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Announcing - Maxwell Peter

Thursday July 10th - my water broke at 7:40am. Murray continued into the city to wrap up some things at work and I brought Genna to school then cleaned my house and packed my bags :) A few hours later we went to the hospital to check Jingle was ok
Heartbeat was strong and they were happy for me to go home to labor for awhile and come back 'when the pain is unbearable'
While they ran the checks I was still feeling pretty good, the contractions hadn't started until about noon and were only 'grit my teeth' painful - not bad. So we went home, had lunch and watched some old 90210 episodes:)
At about 4pm though, I started to cry from the pain so I asked Murray to go pick up Genna and I asked Selina to please come over. I had hoped to be able to stay home until Genna was in bed (7pm) but I really needed some drugs by late afternoon! We got to the hospital by 5:30, and Maxwell was born at 7:28. Long story short - the gas was GREAT for about an hour to help take the edge off the pain, then I had an hour of screaming and pushing. My doctor was FANTASTIC as was my support person (Murray of course)! Totally the experience I wanted, totally terrible lol! Thank goodness for the lovely package we got from it......
little Maxwell :) Born at 38 weeks, 3 days
Dadda's first picture with our little burrito :)
Before they came and wrapped him up  like this (lol) we had a nice LONG time alone just the 3 of us, with him on my chest. There was 4 other births within 20 minutes, and since we were second timers and his apgar scores were so good, they were happy to just let us be for awhile til they got everyone sorted out. It was really really nice :)

In our own room - he slept soundly :)
Noisy though :)

Stop taking pictures of me Mama!!

Genevieve was thrilled to meet her baby brother

First bath with Dadda (so nice that the baby bath sink was in my room!!)

Helper Genna

He stopped crying once Dadda started talking/singing to him

Max with his gorgeous flowers from Grandma & Grandpa (left) and Nanna & GrandDad (right) and a lovely bear from Steve, Selina, Amelia & Clara
I found my fingers!

Picture with Mama

He ended up needing 24 hours under the lights for jaundice - and the little masks they put on to protect his eyes just happened to be called max!!

So tiny! Although the nurses kept saying he was a little imposter - way too big to be in the special care nursery:)

He laid on top of a light mat and had lights from the top. After just 4 hours under the lights he was already more alert and feeding better - fantastic!!
And luckily by Monday we were able to go home - YAY!! He LOVES his carseat - slept snug as a bug :)

First sleep at home - SO SO SO nice to be home

Big sister cuddles

Genna said 'I love my baby brother, I love my family'

This morning she said 'It's nice having a baby!'
She has settled SO well into her big sister role - we're SO proud :)
Last night - snuggles with Dadda while Mama slept on the sofa before going up to bed. Sooooooooo nice :)
1 Week Old :)