Thursday, July 3, 2014

Genna's 4th Birthday Party

All ready with lots of balloons for Genevieve's party!

The carousel cake - with princesses riding on the horses of course!

The birthday girl all dressed up

Opening presents before the party from GrandDad, Nanna & Helen

Dora jumping castle all set up and ready for the party!!

I LOVE it!!

friend Luisa loves it too :) (that's a slide on the inside as well)

Lennox enjoyed it too
Big group working on our craft - making a horse mask!

Craft master Helen helping Chloe

Lily watching on with her mask - cute

Even the big girls enjoyed it - gorgeous Clara

Genna with Aunty Helen
Everyone gathered to sing Genna happy birthday
And watch her blow out the candles :)
She helped hand out the cake to everyone too - such a big girl!
Poppy liked the cake - well I think everyone did :) The ice cream was a nice little added bonus too!
The cake crowd
Sam, James & Lennox tucking in

Some of the girls at the kiddy tables - from left Sarah, Rosie, Kameko & Amelia

Present time - with QUITE a crowd :)

All of the other kids her age wanted to watch her open THEIR present and explain it to her - so cute. Genna LOVED this pony from Lennox

Opening Lily's present

She also LOVED this Rapuzel lego castle set from Poppy - can't WAIT to put it together!!

Opening gifts from James

and Chloe

and a lovely Peppa Pig tea party set from Amelia & Clara
Play room party aftermath :) Along with Lennox on the back of the sofa and Genevieve playing kitchen with her friend Hetanshi :)

It was a GREAT party!! Great friends, lovely food (if I must say so myself ha ha) and overall just a great celebration for our big girl! A big THANK YOU to Peter, Lyn & Helen (& Murray of cousre) for all their help with setup, the party itself and cleanup :)


  1. What a fantastic party! From the party dress (SO adorable) to the assisted gift blog'
    Love you all,
    G A Joni

  2. "Birthday Bash before the Baby is Born." Try that for a tongue twister. So glad that Genevieve had a good time and that you had a household of help. Try to put your feet up and chill out for a few weeks before the baby comes. Genna will love the attention and you deserve and need the relaxation and time off of your feet. Take care. Gigi and I are counting down the days until we arrive!
    Love, Mom