Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 Weeks

Week 1 comparison - Genna & Max (thanks Joni!)
Week 2 !

Hospital family of 4 photo :)

Out at the mall
Genna LOVES her stroller step!

Sound asleep - he's very comfy in his carseat
practicing :)

Cuddles with Dadda

Playing with a bouncy ball we found when cleaning out her playroom


And for comparison :) Marcus and I - 1982
First bath at home with Dadda

He was VERY upset, so we let him have the dummy (pacifier) to calm him down - then he sat quite happily in the warm water :)

This week Aunty Helen came to stay, we also celebrated Helen's birthday! (Genna let her blow out 1 candle while she blew out the other 3 ha ha)

Helen took Genna in to Wildlife World one day - they had a GREAT time :)
Mama cuddles
Grocery shopping today - he was snug as a bug in my new carrier - just perfect :)


  1. ALL the photos are great! Love how happy everyone is!
    Love y'all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Dear Maxwell,
    Welcome to the family! It is a joy to look at your photos and see how royally and lovingly you are being treated. Each post is like a holiday for me, as I anxiously look forward to soaking in each picture of you. Gigi and I are packed and ready to come and visit! Grandpa John is equally excited to come to Australia and see our grandchildren,too. We cannot wait to be with you, which will be 100% better than being miles away and missing you! We are happy to snuggle up,stare into your eyes, and get to know our lovely little boy! Also, so pleased about spending time with your sweet sister, Genna! Looking forward to our time together!
    Love you, Grandma
    p.s. Hoping to give Momma and Dadda some time to go out, too!

  3. Where do I start?!! The family-of-4 photo is wonderful! Genna and Max laying side by side....he looks completely enthralled with his big sister! And look AMAZING! So comfortable in your Mommy role. *sigh* Not surprised.
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani