Monday, August 27, 2012

Funny Lady

Mommy's pigtails aren't as straight as Daddy's - still pretty darn CUTE though!!! They last about 5 minutes, then she rips them out :)

We've had beautiful weather lately (20c, 70f and SUNNY!) so we've been going to the park a LOT
but we did make it to the mall a bit too - you took this car for a spin


The chocolate rimmed cup 'smile' ha ha - cute

The other night, you woke up coughing (because you don't know how to blow your nose and won't stay on a pillow). So I went in and said 'Come on Genna, just come sleep with me.' You quickly dropped to your knees and said 'EVERYBODY EVERYBODY!!!' while feeling around for all the stuffed toys you sleep with. When I picked you up you were in a panic because somehow you knew, even in the dark, that you had Pingu, Baby and Baba - but you were missing 'BIG BUNNY!!!' I said big bunny is downstairs because I had to wash him. 'Oh Ok' you replied, so we went to the spare bed.
I laid you down with your head on the pillow, then got up to close the door. You sat up and said 'What doing Mom? Come here!!!'
So I closed it and then laid down next to you. You leaned over and said 'Hi Mom - What Doing?'
I said it's bedtime Genna - lay down and go to sleep!
'Ok Mom' you said, then laid down and promptly fell asleep. Of course once you fell asleep you rotated off the pillow and wedged your head in the corner (we have the bed up against the wall) - but somehow you still didn't cough for the rest of the night!! Works for me :)

That was it and from that night onwards you were happy to sleep in your own bed, and the cough was gone - hooray!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Funny Mom!

Your new favorite saying is 'Not Funny Mom'!
I'm not sure when I say that - but I must! So funny how the little things you say and do, without even realizing it, get parroted back from a toddler!

I got you some pull up nappies for night time. After bath you pull your nappy on yourself, and then put your pants on too! You are SO proud of yourself and I am not allowed to help. You're quite good at it too! You are starting to try to help get your shirt on too - which isn't super successful (hard to find those arm holes!) so I just hold the arm hole open then you 'help' by pushing your arm through - such a big girl :)

Last weekend when you were sick - you woke up after an hour from your nap but you were still exhausted. So you snuggled up with Dada and took a nap together on the sofa :)

You LOVE putting on my shoes, wedging your toes up in the front, and walking around the kitchen

Hard to get a photo though!

Relaxing in the car with your Leap Pad :)
Ohhhh a package - what's this?

Bath time !!! (she yells FEET FEET - wanting us to put our feet in with her)
Here Dada - let me get that toe for you

AND a final wash - ha ha - she had SO much fun - LOVES the watering can in the bath!
Balloon time !

This weekend at the mall I gave her the option of ice cream or a baby chino for a special treat - she chose a chino! Lucky duck got 2 marshmallows with it too!
We decided to do a little art project today - here's Hoot!

We bought her this dog that barks and walks for her 1st birthday but she was SO frightened of it! Only in the past few weeks has she decided she likes it and wants to cuddle puppy all the time :)

Playing in her cubby house :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Talking and Singing

The other day you were home sick with a cold, and we were watching children's tv. I was sick of watching shows about pigs and ducks, so I changed the channel to see what else was on. You said 'Oh Mama. What doing? Turn Off!'

When I start singing along with you in the car you love yelling out 'No Mama, Stop, No more!' Although yesterday you ordered me to sing while you listened and then said 'Other hand, other one' as you wanted me to do the song gestures with my right hand, not my left hand.

And lately you have started saying 'Ok Mom' - I think it sounds hilarious when you say MOM. You must have heard me say that on skype to my Mom, as you have only ever called me Mama or Mommy! Might also be from the personalised cd that I bought out in the US that says Mommy a lot. Anyhow, it's cute - I say 'Genevieve go pick out a plate for dinner' and you reply 'Ok Mom!'

You love talking about boobies lately (thank you Murray for teaching her that word......). The other night you looked down and said 'Genevieve no boobies' - ha ha - yea I hope not - not at 2 ! I am quite impressed how you are stringing your thoughts and words together though. When someone leaves you say 'Where Dada Gone?' and when I stop to do something while with you 'Hey Mama - what doing?' Very clever :) In the morning after Dada waves goodbye and goes out to his bus stop you say to me 'Dada bus, work, bye bye, later!' (as in we'll see him later) and yesterday you were asking me 'Call Dada?' and grabbing at my phone :)

Dada put your hair up in pigtails last weekend - you loved the look of it - and posed for some pictures - but less than 5 minutes late you were pulling the hair ties out - shame - it looks SOOOOO cute!

On our day off this week we went to the beach after swimming lessons. It was a beautiful late winter day - low 70s (22c). Here you are ready to walk! You LOVE this lady bug handle - makes you feel independant - but means that you still stay close to me. You look like a little jogger here!

I'm ready - let's go!!

Dude - what? You refused to smile for this photo - but after all that swimming in the morning you didn't last long walking and wanted to ride with 'Two Babas!'

The water fountains on the Corso (main street) in Manly - SO fun - you SOAKED your sweatshirt though! You kept running back to me saying 'Look Mama - washed hands!'

Singing 'It's raining it's pouring' and '1,2 buckle my shoe'

Singing your FAVORITE song lately - Baby Bumble Bee

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catch Up Post !

Mothers Group 2nd Birthday Party - THE CAKE!
from the right of Genna - clockwise - Carly, Chloe, Charlotte, Chiara, Rory, Celeste, Wendell, Beau & of course Genevieve
Right after I took this photo everyone started singing Happy Birhtday and Genna looked around and couldn't spot us and burst into tears! I ran over to reassure her - poor thing!
Quite a difference from this!! Genna still doesn't like being in these group pictures though.
Genna's the one in the cat bib
From Genna - clockwise - Beau, Chiara, Charlotte, Chloe, Rory, Carly & Genevieve
She did get a nice big piece of cake though!

Yummy !

She also had a GREAT time kicking balloons!

Getting lined up to run for a present - it was a good time :)

Riding a scooter at the party - fun! 

Having fun painting with Nanna

Balloons with Aunty Helen - FUN!

Dude, I've got my keys, let's go!

How's THAT for a piece of steak? Gotta love Costco!

She's singing 'So Pretty.' One of her fun new made up songs :)

Ohhhhh a present from Dada

I'll help you Dada !

This didn't last long - eventually he got out the air compressor!


Genevieve's Castle :)

'Helping' Dada stack cds

She LOVES the new wall sticker in her room!

And FINALLY - a tour of our 'new' house - now that we've been here 7 months!

Monday, August 6, 2012



Check me out !

Little Sam came to play too

And have a little bit of a walk

And play in the balls - fun!! (he's the son of Murray's friend from work Allison)

Later we went to the nearby park

Genevieve LOVES the slide!!!

Cuddles for Mama

She loves to push ME on the horsey - fun fun!

And a quick ride herself

Sliding with Dada

The park is SO fun :)