Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catch Up Post !

Mothers Group 2nd Birthday Party - THE CAKE!
from the right of Genna - clockwise - Carly, Chloe, Charlotte, Chiara, Rory, Celeste, Wendell, Beau & of course Genevieve
Right after I took this photo everyone started singing Happy Birhtday and Genna looked around and couldn't spot us and burst into tears! I ran over to reassure her - poor thing!
Quite a difference from this!! Genna still doesn't like being in these group pictures though.
Genna's the one in the cat bib
From Genna - clockwise - Beau, Chiara, Charlotte, Chloe, Rory, Carly & Genevieve
She did get a nice big piece of cake though!

Yummy !

She also had a GREAT time kicking balloons!

Getting lined up to run for a present - it was a good time :)

Riding a scooter at the party - fun! 

Having fun painting with Nanna

Balloons with Aunty Helen - FUN!

Dude, I've got my keys, let's go!

How's THAT for a piece of steak? Gotta love Costco!

She's singing 'So Pretty.' One of her fun new made up songs :)

Ohhhhh a present from Dada

I'll help you Dada !

This didn't last long - eventually he got out the air compressor!


Genevieve's Castle :)

'Helping' Dada stack cds

She LOVES the new wall sticker in her room!

And FINALLY - a tour of our 'new' house - now that we've been here 7 months!


  1. Enjoyed all the shots - especially the tour of the house! However... the music video of "So Pretty" was the icing on the cake! Cannot wait till her first cd comes out! I'd like an autographed copy!!! Excellent way to spend my morning - watching video from down under! Thx!
    Love you guys,

  2. The house tour is fantastic! So nice to see where you live. It is BEAUTIFUL!! But my favorite video is Dada's little helper with all the CD's.....Slave labor I tell ya!! (file that under "S")
    Love and miss you,
    Great Auntie Jani