Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Funny Mom!

Your new favorite saying is 'Not Funny Mom'!
I'm not sure when I say that - but I must! So funny how the little things you say and do, without even realizing it, get parroted back from a toddler!

I got you some pull up nappies for night time. After bath you pull your nappy on yourself, and then put your pants on too! You are SO proud of yourself and I am not allowed to help. You're quite good at it too! You are starting to try to help get your shirt on too - which isn't super successful (hard to find those arm holes!) so I just hold the arm hole open then you 'help' by pushing your arm through - such a big girl :)

Last weekend when you were sick - you woke up after an hour from your nap but you were still exhausted. So you snuggled up with Dada and took a nap together on the sofa :)

You LOVE putting on my shoes, wedging your toes up in the front, and walking around the kitchen

Hard to get a photo though!

Relaxing in the car with your Leap Pad :)
Ohhhh a package - what's this?

Bath time !!! (she yells FEET FEET - wanting us to put our feet in with her)
Here Dada - let me get that toe for you

AND a final wash - ha ha - she had SO much fun - LOVES the watering can in the bath!
Balloon time !

This weekend at the mall I gave her the option of ice cream or a baby chino for a special treat - she chose a chino! Lucky duck got 2 marshmallows with it too!
We decided to do a little art project today - here's Hoot!

We bought her this dog that barks and walks for her 1st birthday but she was SO frightened of it! Only in the past few weeks has she decided she likes it and wants to cuddle puppy all the time :)

Playing in her cubby house :)


  1. Pulling on her own nappy?!?!??! That's fantastic!! Congrats to all!
    Love you,

  2. What great pictures from art work to the foot work! Maybe she will be a podiatrist. She will be a creative artist with "Hoot" and a dancer with moms shoes. OH HOW WE LOVE THAT GAL.
    G. GRAM

  3. That smile says it all!!
    I saw an advertisement for pull-ups that have glow in the dark cartoon prints on the front. Do you have those down under? If not, we'll have to send you some!!
    Great Auntie Jani