Friday, August 17, 2012

Talking and Singing

The other day you were home sick with a cold, and we were watching children's tv. I was sick of watching shows about pigs and ducks, so I changed the channel to see what else was on. You said 'Oh Mama. What doing? Turn Off!'

When I start singing along with you in the car you love yelling out 'No Mama, Stop, No more!' Although yesterday you ordered me to sing while you listened and then said 'Other hand, other one' as you wanted me to do the song gestures with my right hand, not my left hand.

And lately you have started saying 'Ok Mom' - I think it sounds hilarious when you say MOM. You must have heard me say that on skype to my Mom, as you have only ever called me Mama or Mommy! Might also be from the personalised cd that I bought out in the US that says Mommy a lot. Anyhow, it's cute - I say 'Genevieve go pick out a plate for dinner' and you reply 'Ok Mom!'

You love talking about boobies lately (thank you Murray for teaching her that word......). The other night you looked down and said 'Genevieve no boobies' - ha ha - yea I hope not - not at 2 ! I am quite impressed how you are stringing your thoughts and words together though. When someone leaves you say 'Where Dada Gone?' and when I stop to do something while with you 'Hey Mama - what doing?' Very clever :) In the morning after Dada waves goodbye and goes out to his bus stop you say to me 'Dada bus, work, bye bye, later!' (as in we'll see him later) and yesterday you were asking me 'Call Dada?' and grabbing at my phone :)

Dada put your hair up in pigtails last weekend - you loved the look of it - and posed for some pictures - but less than 5 minutes late you were pulling the hair ties out - shame - it looks SOOOOO cute!

On our day off this week we went to the beach after swimming lessons. It was a beautiful late winter day - low 70s (22c). Here you are ready to walk! You LOVE this lady bug handle - makes you feel independant - but means that you still stay close to me. You look like a little jogger here!

I'm ready - let's go!!

Dude - what? You refused to smile for this photo - but after all that swimming in the morning you didn't last long walking and wanted to ride with 'Two Babas!'

The water fountains on the Corso (main street) in Manly - SO fun - you SOAKED your sweatshirt though! You kept running back to me saying 'Look Mama - washed hands!'

Singing 'It's raining it's pouring' and '1,2 buckle my shoe'

Singing your FAVORITE song lately - Baby Bumble Bee


  1. Songs! Songs!!! We love hearing/watching songs! And she can count to 10 already. Wow!! I had forgotten the Baby Bumble Bee I'm singing it all the time too!
    Love ya's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. Who needs Pandora when we have Genevieve?! Playing the songs over and over....
    Thanks for the smiles!
    Love ya,

  3. Love her singing in the bed, so smart and can remember the words, what a star we have.
    Love and hugs and need more songs. G. Gram