Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 35

*How far along?: Week 35

*Total weight gain: 12.4 kilos which is about 27 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is the the size of a honeydew (Week 3 of Month 8)

Fat has continued to build up under your baby's skin, and is responsible for providing energy and regulating body temperature. These fat deposits have also changed the appearance of the skin, making it pinker (rather than red) and less wrinkled. Fingernails are developed on the fingers, but may still be growing on the toes. Eyelids can be opened and closed and blinking is possible. The irises are also now light sensitive, and will dilate and contract depending on exposure to light.

*Maternity clothes?: Yup - these longer maternity shirts are coming in might handy, as the belly continues to expand outwards the shirts get shorter & shorter

*Sleep?: Not great lately because the weather has warmed back up. Winter duvet + fall weather = too hot (in the 60s even at night)!! I think I need to just wrap myself in a light blanket instead - shame that duvet is SOOOOO comfy! This warm early winter weather has been lovely though!

*Best moment this week? Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary and also celebrated 35/35 - 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go until my due date!!

*Movement?: Getting stronger & stronger - we have now decided that the bit that keeps poking out by my belly button is probably a knee - and WOW can it pop out!

*Food cravings?: Nothing in particular

*Labor signs?: Too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: still a flattie

*What I miss: Hmmm nothing really - all is well :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Changing to weekly doctor appointments this upcoming week! (they were every 2 weeks up to now) - makes it all feel SO real - that Sparky will be on his/her way to meet us soon!

*Milestone: 35/35 - I think it's a cool milestone:) And 35 days sounds like SO much less than when I say 5 weeks - eeeeeek!

*Feelings this week:
Nesting is in full force now:
*dresser purchased - cleaned and paper put in drawers for lovely new baby clothes to lay on
*the mattress is in - the mattress protector & sheets have been washed and are on - with a spare in the dresser (just a simple white)- I love them, so soft & pretty. I also picked up the gorgeous pink/blue sheets that we'll use when the weather warms up (depending on whether Sparky is a boy or girl!)
*baby bath towels/robes/etc. washed & in drawers ready to go
*bag for hospital nearly completely packed
*and I have started washing baby clothing....... I do find the sizes here confusing though.

size 0000 - New Born - Up to 4kg
size 000 - Up to 3 Months - 4kg-6kg
size 00 - Up to 6 Months - 6kg-8kg
size 0 - Up to 9 Months - 8kg to 10kg
size 1 - Up to 12 Months - 10kg - 11kg

Of course the length of the baby is a factor as well - so confusing! But anyhow, I washed all the smallest clothing first, will move onto 000 tonight!

* Only 9 guesses so far - and none from this side of the pond - come on people!! :) I promise the winner a prize..... perhaps a nice printed photo of Sparky?

*Just click on 'enter a guess'

Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 Years - 1825 Days with the world's greatest man

Friday, May 28th we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversay
Murray even popped across the street to capture the love note he carved into the newly laid sidewalk a few weeks ago - sweet :) (He had been staking it out for weeks - waiting for them to lay this concrete just near our place!)

And one of his gifts to me - a wood plaque to celebrate the Woods on our wood (traditional gift for 5 years) anniversary - how very very thoughtful!!

We went out to dinner for a very fancy Mexican meal at Vera Cruz in Cremorne

The meals were really lovely - but this dessert was AMAZING!!!!

Loved the churros as well!

We ate until we felt like we would explode - especially me!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kombi Krazy

I just remembered this morning that we didn't post the pictures from the Kombi show we went to two weeks ago in Darling Harbour! The event was held to celebrate Kombi's 60th Anniversary, and we popped by to see the cute vans and see Murray's friend Lisa who was there with her husband, kids & their own cute Kombi!

Apparently some colletors are into the 'rat' look - a bit worn, a bit funky I guess?

Murray with a very cool Kombi

I like this one - cute colors!!

Murray standing by the van from the Telstra Bigpond TV commercials! (internet provider)

Cute, cute, cute!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

35 / 35 !!

Today I officially hit 35 weeks pregnant with only 35 days to go!!!!!!!
Very exciting :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 34

*How far along?: Week 34

*Total weight gain: 12 kilos which is about 26 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is the the size of a honeydew (Week 2 of Month 8)

Baby can recognize and react to simple songs.... time to start practicing your lullabies! In fact, baby will recognize frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. Less cute news: she now urinates about one pint per day. Get the diapers ready!

*Maternity clothes?: Yes! I'm so glad the weather has cooled down so my tights & skirt combination is comfortable. Big thanks to Joni as well for the awesome maternity clothes she sent me:)

*Sleep?: Not too bad, pretty darn good actually (knock on wood) although Murray claims I am snoring a lot.....

*Best moment this week? Hearing Sparky's heartbeat at my appointment.

*Movement?: So so much - it's crazy how much he moves now! I guess he's getting quite big in there! I had a meeting this week where he was moving around SO much that I thought everyone could tell. It does still seem quite bizarre to me that I 'bring' my baby to a meeting with me - good thing he doesn't cry yet - ha! We are pretty darn sure that his position is 'oblique' right now (which just means his head pointing towards my hip basically), because there is a constant poking of limbs (pretty sure it's an arm) right below my belly button, and the feeling of a back/bum over often pushing firm against my right side..... that's our theory anyway. I'm not convinced he is posterior - or maybe he has flipped around?

*Food cravings?: Nothing that I can think of, Sparky does go crazy when I have a chocolate chip cookie though!

*Labor signs?: Too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: flattie

*What I miss: Hmmm nothing really - all is well :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Finishing off the nursery! Also looking forward to going out to a fancy meal on Friday to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary:)

*Milestone: I'd say Sparky's movements increasing have been a milestone this week. I have lost count of the number of times a bump has popped out near my belly button - MUST be an elbow or a hand - he responds now as well if we give it a gentle nudge back - he'll push again or move another limb in response. Very cool:)

*Feelings this week:

* I had Murray put his ear to the bump earlier this week to see if he could hear Sparky's heartbeat, he laughed and said no I can't hear it right now - but I did get a good kick to the head for trying! Ha - I guess Sparky's didn't like the weight of his head on the bump!

* When Murray talks to the Sparky we can tell a difference in movement now - LOTS of big kicks & body movements - you can tell he really can hear in there - so bizarre!

* Minor panic this week shopping wise. I went on Thursday night (late night shopping night) to our favorite local baby store to buy a mattress for the cot (crib). The guy at the store then informed me that the exact mattress we need was out of stock and it would take 8 weeks to order one in!!! I don't HAVE 8 weeks!!! So I went to the other side of the mall to a department store, who also didn't have the mattress in stock, but the lovely sales girl called around for me to other branches to see if anyone had one. She finally found one, and they put it on hold for us to pick up on Saturday - whew! So we have it now, Murray is finishing off organising his side of the room, then we'll get the stroller stuff all out of the crib (where we have been storing it) and put the mattress in. I'm excited to start getting the bedding and clothing washed and set-up/put away!

* I also ordered the diaper bag I wanted from America, and it's due to arrive here in about 2 weeks - hooray! I couldn't find one that was wipeable to clean with a red pattern in the end, so I got this one called 'Turkish Twilight' - it's mostly a nice black & grey pattern with just a small yellow flower pattern embroidered on one corner - nice and neutral. Things that I LOVE about it - it has straps that can be hooked directly onto the stroller, or shoulder strap, or backpack straps. It's made of a wipeable to clean material and it has a built in change pad that folds out or detaches. Love it - can't wait to see it in person!!!* I also had a LOT of people stop me at the mall this weekend to say 'how long to go?' Exciting to say I only have 6 weeks til my due date:)

* Also a BIG Congrats to my friend Megan and her husband Jon in Sydney - their little boy Henry was born on Saturday morning:)

Belated Congrats as well to Lance & Shelly in South Africa - on the birth of their little girl Kirsten! Also Congrats to Jen & Stuart in California on the birth of their little girl Kayla :)

* I have set up an online baby pool so people can guess Sparky's due date, sex, weight, etc. Just click below to play - let's see who can get the closest guess!!!! I'll post this every week til Sparky arrives!

*Just click on 'enter a guess'

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 33

*How far along?: Week 33

*Total weight gain: 11.4 kilos which is about 26 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is now the the size of a honeydew (First week of month 8!)

Things are heating up inside: Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and his brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open when he's awake.

*Maternity clothes?: Getting tighter & tighter..... I am now resigned to 100% maternity clothes - nothing else fits! I think I may have to retire my maternity work trousers as well - by the end of the day they are SO tight and uncomfortable I can barely drive, sit, etc. Today it's maternity tights & a skirt - ahhhhhhhh the comfortable relief:)

*Sleep?: On and off - some good nights, some not so good, but I can't complain - most nights are good:)

*Best moment this week? Seeing Murray change a nappy (diaper) on a doll at our parenting class - ha! First nappy he has ever changed:)

*Movement?: Sparky has had a VERY active week - he is active on and off all day now - really shifting and bumping around - I'm not quite sure what is going on in there! We REALLY can't tell one body part from another though - it's so hard to tell!!! We can tell a foot from a back/bum/head - because it's small - but beyond that it's just a huge guess really!

*Food cravings?: Hmmm nothing really, just eating a lot of fruit.

*Labor signs?: Too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: flattie

*What I miss: Hmmm nothing really - all is well :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Finishing off the nursery. Our classes on Saturday confirmed my 'to buy' list was right on the mark - so I'm happy about that. I just have a few more things to tick off our list and then we are set - very exciting:) Also looking forward to hearing Spakry's heartbeat again this week! I

*Milestone: Entering month 8! I am feeling massive all of the sudden and the bump feels suddenly very heavy - but I'm excited that we are only 4 weeks from Sparky being considered full term - hooray!

*Feelings this week:

** Our parenting class was excellent on Saturday. We learned the proper way to swaddle, how to build up to a routine that suits you and baby, what to expect with a newborn, etc etc. We also were told about all the wonderful classes that are offered at the hospital during your 5 day stay - we will definitley be taking advantage of those!! A very very interesting day.

** The only other thing I can think of that has changed this week is that I suddenly feel MASSIVE! People at work have been saying all week 'oh you're big - when are you due?' then looking surprised when I tell them I have 7 weeks to go......

** Sparky has been getting the hiccups a LOT this week usually a couple of times a day. Such a bizarre feeling:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Manly Love

I love this picture of Manly - what a great view down from Queenscliff.

I signed up a few weeks ago for daily emails of morning photos in the Manly area from Sprout Daily , and I must say I LOVE these emails now and look forward to them arriving in my inbox every day! Surfing, beach, people - new photos are sent out every morning - such a nice peek at the beach from my work desk :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

50 DAYS!!!!

Today is officially 50 days until my due date - WOW.

Sparky has been super active the last day or two - perhaps he likes this cooler weather? Good thing, cause he will be a winter baby. Although winter here is SO mild, they were going on & on this morning on the radio about how today is officially the first cold day of the year..... it is going to be 19c (68f). That's not cold!!!! That's perfectly comfortable:) And I am LOVING this cooler weather - I am sleeping SO SO well! (knock on wood)

The count down is on though - tomorrow is the start of month 8, only 7 weeks to go until my due date. I can hardly believe time has gone by so quickily. It makes it sound even sooner when I say FIFTY DAYS though! Time to finish off the essential baby shopping I think!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 32

*How far along?: Week 32

*Total weight gain: 10.9 kilos which is about 24 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is (still) the the size of a squash (Last week of month 7!)

While the baby is growing like crazy, the movements may seem less rowdy than previously. That is partly due to the fact that there is less room to negotiate in there now. The baby's movements may seem more bumping and squirming than kicking and flipping.
Baby's hair continues to grow and toenails have completely formed.

*Maternity clothes?: Yes of course!

*Sleep?: Restless lately, but I'm not sleeping TOO badly...... knock on wood

*Best moment this week? Our birthing class at the hostpial - it was SO interesting & the tour of the maternity ward was great!

*Movement?: Yes, a lot - but like the update says, more shifting & bumping rather than any kicking. My stomach is REALLY starting to pop out now with his movements from time to time!

*Food cravings?: I have been loving oranges & yogurt this week - not that I didn't like those things before, but I now like to have them every day.....

*Labor signs?: Too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: flattie

*What I miss: Hmmm nothing really - all is well :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Moving into 'month 8' next week. Also I'm looking forward to our 'parenting course' at the hospital next Saturday - apparently we are going to be given dolls to practice on - ha!

*Milestone: At my appointment this week my ob said he was sure Sparky is head down (last time I was in 2 weeks ago he thought he was, but this time he was sure cause he could feel the head). So that's great news as he says it's a 95% chance Sparky will stay that way now til the end!! Excellent

*Feelings this week:

** This week I have stocked up on raspberry leaf tea, which apparently helps your body prepare for labor (it's advised to start drinking it from week 32). It doesn't taste wonderful though, so I add a tiny bit of honey to each cup. I'm starting to quite like it and I try to have at least a few cups a day.

**One night this week Murray was trying to get to sleep and kept hearing a fast loud heartbeat. He felt his own & realised it wasn't his, put his head bafck to the matress & realised it was coming from Sparky!!! Since I sleep on my side, the bump was right up next to the mattress - pretty cool:)

**Murray has started referring to the bump as Sparky's 'home,’ which I think is hilarious. Like when I gently push on the bump to dislodge Sparky’s feet from my ribs Murray tells me to be careful with Sparky’s home – that he’s all nice & warm & comfortable

**Thursday night we moved out our spare bed and the same evening Murray put together the cot (crib)!!! Once we figured out that the extra holes in the frame are so you can raise or lower the mattress (duh – it was just one of those IKEA moments – why do we have so many screws???) then it went together smoothly. So we have the mattress set up nice & high and the drop side down – all secure enough to keep a baby that can’t sit up in – but high enough to not kill our backs. It looks SO nice – but I won’t post any pics until we finish off the room with a dresser & bedding & all that :)

**We had our first class the hospital on Saturday – all day from 9:30-4:30. It was a long day, but it was really really interesting. It was taught by a midwife who works on the maternity ward at the hospital who was very knowledgeable. We watched a few videos (stages of labor, natural birth, c-section, and one about pain relief – which was really just a woman sucking on the gas ha ha!). We had a very average lunch…. I really hope that’s not indicative of the food on the ward – although the ‘tea breaks’ food was lovely (fresh fruit, cheese & crackers, etc). One funny thing was when the lady brought out a doll to demonstrate a few things Murray said to me ‘that doll looks really big, surely a newborn is smaller than that.' Then, a guy near us asked the instructor just that – she replied ‘sorry girls, but this doll is actually about the size of a 35 weeker. A full term newborn would be longer & have a bigger head – eeeeeeeeeek! We also got a tour of the maternity ward at the end of the class which was excellent. She took us into one of the vacant maternity suites and showed us all of the things available to us and how to use them. Really informative – and wow what a huge nice private restroom – nice big tub, huge shower – gosh it’s a nice hospital! We also saw the type of rooms we will be in after the birth and they are also very nice. One other funny thing is she let one of the husbands (who was 7 feet tall!!) try out the gas – he got a bit loopy and walked back to his wife saying ‘you’re driving home.’ Ha! Overall it was really really good, we took a lot of notes & came home with a few things to think about and a few things to add to the to buy/pack list:)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Random

We went to see Iron Man 2 last night with Helen at the IMax. It was good - but gosh does Garry Chandling's face look scary these days!! I also REALLY enjoyed having a Starbucks chai latte during the show (I think Sparky did too:) Yummm. It is also chilly enough here now to really enjoy a hot drink (15c, 60f) which is nice! I'm happy tomorrow is Friday - can't wait for our first childbirth class at the hospital on Saturday - then I have a pregnancy massage booked on Sunday which was a gift from Cassie - I CANNOT wait!!

Yesterday was a good day too. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, my favorite Mexcian place in the city had half price burritos. I had brought in my own lunch.... but who can say no to a half price pulled pork burrito? And it was GOOD!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Baby Shower!

Sunday my lovely Mother-in-law Lyn and Sister-in-law Helen threw me a baby shower :)
Gorgeous details were all over the table when we arrived - like these pretty gingerbread cookies

& a rattle

and a bottle (this is the one I took home - SUPER yummy tasting too!!!)

The yummy cupcakes inside those gorgeous boxes!

And lots of lovely prizes for the games!

We played 'the price is right' - where we had to put baby items in price order (it was SO hard!)
A fun 'fill in the blank' nursery rhymes game

and one of these bottles was filled with a candy called milk bottles - we had to guess how many it was filled with

The shower was at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst - such a lovely place!

Lyn and Jocelyn

Megan, Laura & Selina

Me & Anna

Nicole & Cassie

Selina, Helen & Me

Anna & Steph

Laura, Selina & Helen

The food was AMAZING!!!!
Fancy sandwiches (with no crust of course!), fancy desserts and scones with jam & cream
Yumm yumm yumm

I must say my favorite was the red velvet mini cupcakes - I had 3!
Everything tasted AMAZING!
Also we had a fancy tea menu to choose from - of course I had a chai latte and oh my gosh it was fabulous!! A really fun high tea experience!

Cute - I love red as a gender neutral color!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - Sparky has so many gorgeous new things to wear now!

Something about the nappy bin is funny I guess? It'll sure come in handy that's for sure!

It was fun to read all the cards

Me with the gorgeous nappy cake from Steph

Another gorgeous nappy cake from Cassie!

Opening the fun gift from my Mom

Helen also got Murray a gift - this fluffy koala mat for Sparky! SO cute:)

It was SUCH a wonderful afternoon - I can't thank my lovely in-laws and friends enough for spoiling us so much! Sparky says thanks too!! :)