Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Random

We went to see Iron Man 2 last night with Helen at the IMax. It was good - but gosh does Garry Chandling's face look scary these days!! I also REALLY enjoyed having a Starbucks chai latte during the show (I think Sparky did too:) Yummm. It is also chilly enough here now to really enjoy a hot drink (15c, 60f) which is nice! I'm happy tomorrow is Friday - can't wait for our first childbirth class at the hospital on Saturday - then I have a pregnancy massage booked on Sunday which was a gift from Cassie - I CANNOT wait!!

Yesterday was a good day too. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, my favorite Mexcian place in the city had half price burritos. I had brought in my own lunch.... but who can say no to a half price pulled pork burrito? And it was GOOD!!


  1. Hope that your first childbirth class was interesting and informative. Also, hope that you met another young couple that is having a baby around the same time as you are; it will make it fun to share your journey with them, too. Plus, it is always nice to have play mates for the babies that are close by;therefor, giving the moms some additional time to compare and contrast parenting joys and tribulations. Dad and I are excited for Murray and you to have this day of preparation for the birth. Love, Mom

  2. Hey Mo,

    I came across this You can create professional videos of your tips / holidays etc for free. Its brilliant and I thought it may be something you would like, especially if you like Blurb etc.

    Hope you, Murray and the Bump are well.