Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Baby Shower!

Sunday my lovely Mother-in-law Lyn and Sister-in-law Helen threw me a baby shower :)
Gorgeous details were all over the table when we arrived - like these pretty gingerbread cookies

& a rattle

and a bottle (this is the one I took home - SUPER yummy tasting too!!!)

The yummy cupcakes inside those gorgeous boxes!

And lots of lovely prizes for the games!

We played 'the price is right' - where we had to put baby items in price order (it was SO hard!)
A fun 'fill in the blank' nursery rhymes game

and one of these bottles was filled with a candy called milk bottles - we had to guess how many it was filled with

The shower was at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst - such a lovely place!

Lyn and Jocelyn

Megan, Laura & Selina

Me & Anna

Nicole & Cassie

Selina, Helen & Me

Anna & Steph

Laura, Selina & Helen

The food was AMAZING!!!!
Fancy sandwiches (with no crust of course!), fancy desserts and scones with jam & cream
Yumm yumm yumm

I must say my favorite was the red velvet mini cupcakes - I had 3!
Everything tasted AMAZING!
Also we had a fancy tea menu to choose from - of course I had a chai latte and oh my gosh it was fabulous!! A really fun high tea experience!

Cute - I love red as a gender neutral color!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - Sparky has so many gorgeous new things to wear now!

Something about the nappy bin is funny I guess? It'll sure come in handy that's for sure!

It was fun to read all the cards

Me with the gorgeous nappy cake from Steph

Another gorgeous nappy cake from Cassie!

Opening the fun gift from my Mom

Helen also got Murray a gift - this fluffy koala mat for Sparky! SO cute:)

It was SUCH a wonderful afternoon - I can't thank my lovely in-laws and friends enough for spoiling us so much! Sparky says thanks too!! :)


  1. The Victoria Room, how nice! Looks like it was a lovely time.

    P.S. We have the same whale tub & T loves it.

  2. Thanks for posting all of the photographs of your Baby Shower. It makes me feel like I was at the event sipping my favorite cup of tea and eating decadent desserts while celebrating Sparky's health and wellness. You are a beautiful Mommy to be;your child will be very welcomed and loved. Stay healthy- 2 more months to go! Love, Mom