Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 33

*How far along?: Week 33

*Total weight gain: 11.4 kilos which is about 26 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is now the the size of a honeydew (First week of month 8!)

Things are heating up inside: Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and his brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open when he's awake.

*Maternity clothes?: Getting tighter & tighter..... I am now resigned to 100% maternity clothes - nothing else fits! I think I may have to retire my maternity work trousers as well - by the end of the day they are SO tight and uncomfortable I can barely drive, sit, etc. Today it's maternity tights & a skirt - ahhhhhhhh the comfortable relief:)

*Sleep?: On and off - some good nights, some not so good, but I can't complain - most nights are good:)

*Best moment this week? Seeing Murray change a nappy (diaper) on a doll at our parenting class - ha! First nappy he has ever changed:)

*Movement?: Sparky has had a VERY active week - he is active on and off all day now - really shifting and bumping around - I'm not quite sure what is going on in there! We REALLY can't tell one body part from another though - it's so hard to tell!!! We can tell a foot from a back/bum/head - because it's small - but beyond that it's just a huge guess really!

*Food cravings?: Hmmm nothing really, just eating a lot of fruit.

*Labor signs?: Too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: flattie

*What I miss: Hmmm nothing really - all is well :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Finishing off the nursery. Our classes on Saturday confirmed my 'to buy' list was right on the mark - so I'm happy about that. I just have a few more things to tick off our list and then we are set - very exciting:) Also looking forward to hearing Spakry's heartbeat again this week! I

*Milestone: Entering month 8! I am feeling massive all of the sudden and the bump feels suddenly very heavy - but I'm excited that we are only 4 weeks from Sparky being considered full term - hooray!

*Feelings this week:

** Our parenting class was excellent on Saturday. We learned the proper way to swaddle, how to build up to a routine that suits you and baby, what to expect with a newborn, etc etc. We also were told about all the wonderful classes that are offered at the hospital during your 5 day stay - we will definitley be taking advantage of those!! A very very interesting day.

** The only other thing I can think of that has changed this week is that I suddenly feel MASSIVE! People at work have been saying all week 'oh you're big - when are you due?' then looking surprised when I tell them I have 7 weeks to go......

** Sparky has been getting the hiccups a LOT this week usually a couple of times a day. Such a bizarre feeling:)


  1. Murray has to do the very first real nappy, what a treat that is!!!

  2. Quite the bump you have going! Looking good!
    I've nominated you for a blog award...check out my blog later on today for details.

  3. You do not look massive; actually you look quite lovely. I enjoy reading your updates of your pregnancy and hearing how you are feeling.

    And Steve, remember how in the beginning those diapers didn't smell too bad. However, with time and the addition of food, it was horrendous? That's when Murray's diaper changing challenges will begin. : )
    Love, Mom

    p.s. An early "Happy Anniversary" greeting sent with hugs and kisses. XXOO

  4. People should never say "wow you're big" to ANY woman, regardless of preganancy.

  5. I agree Steve & Mom!

    and I REALLY agree elsja!!!! Yesterday was the first time someone at work said to me 'are you sure there's only one baby in there?' That's just not a nice thing to say :(

  6. Wish we could have seen Murray's first diaper change!! If you did not get a video of that, make sure you do when he does the first REAL one!! Particularly a POOPY one!!
    And I completely agree with Elsja...... they are just jealous of your beauty and glowing happiness!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Jani