Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sping is Here

Last week we went to see your ear specialist, but she was running late, so we had a lovely lunch picnic outside in the sun while we waited

random singing of songs

This week we also made it down to the beach with some friends on a Gorgeous Spring day!

Chloe & You checking out a wallet while Billy looks on

It's fun to wet our feet in the ocean!

Hey Billy - what are you doing with my shovel?

We also said a sad 'see ya later' to your friend Charlie - his Mom & Dad (Steph & Matt) are moving to California :(

Murray made this yummy hot dog meal one day with fancy 'kransky' chili sausages

It was soooooooooooooo good!

Playing with a fun drawing pad!

Chilling out on the sofa with bunny and a blanket

Your friend Carly came over today, you saw her hiding behind the curtain and thought 'hmmmm that looks fun.' So as soon as she went home you started doing it too!

You have SUCH a thing about your feet. You hate us touching them, cutting your toenails is a BIG ordeal, so we don't do it often. Last week you were just watching Dada cut his toenail and you burst into tears!! So bizarre - yet you were laughing like crazy when I was kissing your feet tonight!

You can now identify the dog, cat, fish, duck and pig magnets (we tell you which one to pick, and you grab it and bring it to us:) You also can identify your mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Yesterday, on the way home from daycare, you were pointing these body parts out on your doll as I called them out!

Also, your new word this week is cheese. You LOVE cheese, and ask for it often:) Today you and your friend Carly were standing in front of the fridge with your arms up saying 'cheese cheese cheese' ha ha - cute

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahhhhh Spring

We had a lovely weekend - started off by brunch by the water

and bunny of course!

Manly was SO busy - summer weather in spring means a VERY crowded beach!

Yummmm Pimms....

Happy Lady

I only had to show you once how to scoop sand in and out of the bucket, then you were off! However this is also now what you do with every meal I serve..... scoop it out of the bowl onto the tray and then back in !

Walking on the sand is tough work!

Now that it's getting warmer you don't need your sleep sack during the day anymore

and we can finally see how you sleep now - SOOOOOOOO cute with the crossed feet!!!

such a big girl, but still tiny too :)

and stretched out as you woke up

Wow that was a good sleep!

We also had a nice catch up with your friend Lennox down at the beach

You were NOT happy when I went to the other side of the fence to take this photo though!

Your super fun squeaky shoes!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Middle of Month 14

We had a lovely Fathers Day with Dada not long ago -
this is the cookie we got him to go with his gift:)

What's This? (your favorite thing to say)

Something funny happened last week. We could tell you were doing a poo because you stood still and your eyes went all red. When you were finished you put your hands on your head and said 'Oh Geez.' Or at least it sounded Exactly like that to us. We both started laughing SO hard that we scared you and you started to cry - opps! But oh my gosh it was funny.

All of the sudden you seem to be going through a growth spurt - you grew out of your shoes, your longer trousers fit and we had to cut the feet out of your pajamas until I can find a bigger size! I guess it helps that you are finally eating again this week. The antibiotics you were on for so long gave you an upset tummy last week and you barely ate. We were SO glad when the doctor said you could stop taking them and your tummy got better and our big eater came back!

Reading books before bedtime with Dada

Playing with her new magnets from Grandma & Grandpa - fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The start of Month 14

Ohhh what to play with?

Bunny Swing

Pretty Girl in a pretty dress from Grandma :)

On a gorgeous Spring day this week we made it out to the beach

and I bought Genna her first set of beach toys

and stretch

How does this work?

We also made it down to the harbour beach side to see our friends Zephyr & Lennox

Genna & Lennox down at the water's edge - that line of shells was good at keep them from running out into the deep water

How do I get past this shell line? (I did bring her past it so she could dip her feet and she LOVED it - kept trying to run out and follow the waves :)

We have been working on words - Cat, Dog, Fish, etc. She was bringing me each one as I asked for it - of course as soon as I started filming she was all over the place - but it's still cute :)

This weekend we also had a GREAT time on the slide at the playground on the Manly Corso

Climbing up to the slide for the first time by herself!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The end of Month 13

First, a few photos from Murray's phone from last week....
Teething biscuits are great for sore teeth!

Look what I can do Nanna - no hands!

You have been sticking your tongue out in concentration a lot lately

On our day visit home from the hospital - still a happy lady :)

Genna in her secret spot - this is where she takes everything that she MUST investigate! She's reading Aunty Helen's camera manual.

Mama working while Genna investigates the heavy kitchen rug

Playing cups - you are VERY into your toys lately - and you are getting quite good at copying when I stack the cups!

As a special treat for being home and feeling better and just cause we love you lots - we got you the chair that you LOVED at the hospital

It's all mine baby!

Busy toddling around the house in your bunny slippers. You are so good about always holding onto the gate when walking in and out of the kitchen so you don't trip on it.

Reading your book in your cool winter boots!

Out and about in Manly last weekend
You have become a bit bunny co-dependent lately - if she isn't nearby you start yelling and searching for her. Often you go into your room and look into the crib and just yell until I come and give her to you. But she's your comfort and you love her, so that's fine with us :)

All comfy and warm in your stroller

What Dada? I'm busy with my sultanas!

Back at home, Dada asleep and you all comfy in his arms watching Sesame Street :)


Hand holding with Dada

Oh hello glow worm - you are cute

tie dye glow worm - love it!

Check me OUT Mama! I'm ready to go!!

I'm ready to go darling - strike a pose

Do you like my new handbag?

I found it in the dishwasher - SO exciting!

We also did a bit of coloring this week

And you are VERY into belly rubbing this week - Dada taught you this :)

You have been talking a lot more lately - you started saying teeth (you love to tap on Daddy's teeth with your nails), you point out eyes on everything you own, and you said thankyou (once), you also have been saying no and shaking your head....

You also started blowing kisses goodnight to Daddy each night - so so cute

But my favorite moment this week was when Daddy went to a doctors appointment. We waited in reception for him and when you saw him come back in you yelled out 'DADA' and threw your hands in the air. Then you looked at me and I said - it's ok - go to Dada, so you ran over to him. It was SO gorgeous :)