Friday, September 16, 2011

Middle of Month 14

We had a lovely Fathers Day with Dada not long ago -
this is the cookie we got him to go with his gift:)

What's This? (your favorite thing to say)

Something funny happened last week. We could tell you were doing a poo because you stood still and your eyes went all red. When you were finished you put your hands on your head and said 'Oh Geez.' Or at least it sounded Exactly like that to us. We both started laughing SO hard that we scared you and you started to cry - opps! But oh my gosh it was funny.

All of the sudden you seem to be going through a growth spurt - you grew out of your shoes, your longer trousers fit and we had to cut the feet out of your pajamas until I can find a bigger size! I guess it helps that you are finally eating again this week. The antibiotics you were on for so long gave you an upset tummy last week and you barely ate. We were SO glad when the doctor said you could stop taking them and your tummy got better and our big eater came back!

Reading books before bedtime with Dada

Playing with her new magnets from Grandma & Grandpa - fun!

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! I love, love, love the "uh-oh" after dropping the magnet.....then doing it on purpose! Whatta doll! And reading a story to Dada....precious! Thanks for making my week! Love, Great Aunt Jani