Friday, February 27, 2009


I was glad to hear Minnie is doing a bit better, she is a tough old gal. I love this photo of Brock snuggling and comforting Minnie (and WOW Brock is getting big)!

Also Murray made a lovely lasagna the other night

It was fantastic!

Now- I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at my in-laws' house:)

Oh and we saw the movie 'The Wrestler' yesterday afternoon - wow that was good. A bit too much of Marisa Tomei (more than I ever wanted to see!) but what a moving story - not exactly a pick me up though - how depressing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FYI - next travel blog post is up!

The Great Crossing - New Mexico to Georgia

check it out!

9 Years & Counting!

Yesterday (the 24th) was our 9th 'dating' anniversary - what we like to call M&M day!
Way back when we started dating overseas, we decided to just pick a date that would be the official start of our dating (although we met a few months previously in 1999 in London, we don't consider that we officially started dating until after Murray's first trip to Minnesota in 2000 when we decided we were meant for each other!) So - we picked February 24th - th2 24th day of the month is significant to us because we met on the 24th of November, and we decided not to celebrate Valentines day - so instead - M&M day was created!!

SO yesterday we decided to get out of the house and go for a walk because it was such a gorgeous day
We walked to Manly Wharf and then followed the Manly to Spit Bridge path up past the gorgeous Fairlight area (I love how a lot of the beaches have these little 'pools' that you can swim in as well as the beach, they fill up naturally with sea water - but are nice and protected)

Such gorgeous beaches back in this area - and only locals around - lovely

We also spotted this cute little kookaburra

I HAD to have a photo of this house's pool as we walked by - um WOW - what a cool pool!!!!

We actually only ended up doing half of the Manly to Spit Bridge walk - but it was a HOT day! 2 1/2 hours of walking was enough!

You can usually cross this part of the walk when the tide is low - I wasn't up for scaling the rocks though, so we took the path that went up onto the road and then back down instead

It really is a lovely walkway - passing by stunning little beaches and some of the path is through lovely bush land

This gal came running AT us as we walked down the path - I think she was protecting eggs

Because she didn't move at ALL once she got to this spot

Me at our final destination - Reef Beach in Sydney Harbour National Park

Walking back again - this is near the North Harbour Reserve - tons of gorgeous boats in here

Me near the path again - now with North Harbour on my right

Later that afternoon we decided to run back up to the home superstore we had been to yesterday and exchange the door mat we bought for a bigger one - HOORAY this one is now perfect - just the right size to protect the carpet as you enter the flat!

Then in the evening we walked back down to Manly and grabbed a great window spot to toast our 9 years & enjoy a pizza!

Me & Murray - 2009

Me & Murray 2000

Wow - time really does fly! Here is to another great 9 years:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cool Aussie Ads

I went into a shop in Manly on the weekend and spotted these amazing ads - I love how they work so many phrases into a picture - so amazing! (don't forget you can click on the photo to make it bigger)
I agree with this statement - you would LOVE Australia!

Sydney rocks

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Saturday night we made our way to our friends Anna & Ali's place for a night out to celebrate Anna's Birthday!
A few yummy sausage rolls were in order

And a chat with the lovely birthday girl! (Anna & Me)

Anna's cake was GORGEOUS, love the candles too:)

The morning after - shoes & wigs (one girl went to a fancy dress party later that night - thus the wig) on the cowhide rug in their living room - GOSH my feet hurt!

We went out for a dance after drinks at their place and had a GREAT time! Their friends are really fun, and it was great to be able to celebrate with Anna again (last year we met her on her birthday in Santiago, Chile when we met our new travel group)! Fun fun night:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Missing my baby

I hear from my parents that Minnie isn't doing very well, and every time I hear that I just want to sit and cry my eyes out. I wish I was there to pet her and comfort her right now, but I guess all I can do is know she is very loved and well cared for, she isn't in pain and I got to spend SO much great quality time with her last year - many many hours of belly rubs.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The R List & Parachutes

We took a break from job searching this afternoon because - HOORAY!!! the sun is out!

Just as we were laying out our towels Murray exclaimed 'LOOK!'
running along the sidewalk that is right by the beach we saw the trainers from the reality show I am totally addicted to - The Biggest Loser.

Shannan and Michelle (YES a man named Shannan - so odd) - and WOW they are more ripped in person than they look on TV (and they look big on TV!)

I like the show because 1. it is the only thing on at 7pm every night and 2. it is filmed here in Manly and 3. it is amazing to see how well the contestants are doing - one man lost 20 kilograms in just 2 weeks - wow! I guess that's possible when you are working out many many hours every day - ouch!

Anyhow, today we packed up our little beach bag and made it down to catch some sun (hooray)!

When we set up on the beach we noticed a plane that looked like it belonged to the military circling VERY slow over the ocean in front of us - then they dropped 9 packages into the sea?

We THINK it looked like 1 package to every 2 people who were parachuting down - not sure though

The plane circled 3 times, dropping 22 'packages' in total - a training exercise I guess - kinda fun to watch!

I didn't actually make it into the water though because the swimming area wasn't set up at North Steyne (they put up flags in 'safe to swim' areas where the current isn't too strong & lifeguards will keep an eye on you). I guess the currents were just too strong today, and we didn't want to walk to Queenscliff or Manly - so we just relaxed and read a bit and soaked in a bit of sun - too too lovely.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My brain hurts

I had the toughest interview OF MY LIFE today - with questions such as 'what is your definition of (insert Project Management term here)' and many many behvaioural questions 'give us an example of a time you experienced xxx' - ohhhhhhhhh that was fun
(good thing I have recently studied up & not only had answers but also threw a few more PM terms in there - so ha!). But after an hour and a half of intense questioning, I am spent, my head and neck are aching after all that stress.
SO, in honor of spending the evening relaxing, a photo of the lovely tile on the cheese board Murray's farther made for us - isn't it CUTE!!!!
Now - must go veg in front of the TV:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I wonder if these guys have a nest somewhere?

I heard some LOUD screeching coming from the balcony, so went investigate

These 2 noisy little Lorikeets were regurgitating food and feed each other?!?
I wonder if they have a nest somewhere and he was bringing home dinner for her? I just find it odd because they both flew off once they noticed me... hmmmm

Monday, February 16, 2009

What does one do when unemployed?

Attempt to balance strawberry cream candies on your eyelids?


Or go for a walk when the sun finally shows it's face after a week of hiding?

Or just be glad that you live in a lovely place and try to not worry so much and just enjoy this time off!

(this sign is near the ferry entrance and reads 'Manly.... Seven Miles from Sydney.... A Thousand Miles from Care')

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rainy Weekend

Happy Valentines Day
We don't celebrate Valentines Day, since we have our own celebration on the 24th (also know as M&M day). However we did have a lovely lunch with Helen, she gave me these yummy chocolates!

On the way back we stopped at a surf shop to get out of the rain & just to look - Helen liked this huge board - pretty!

The name of the board made us think of Heather :)

I liked this smaller Australian flag board - however, neither of us knows how to surf anyhow - so we deciding favourites just purely based on the designs!

Today we got haircuts at the local Toni & Guy salon since they were donating the money you pay for a cut to the Salvation Army to help with the bush fire relief fund (and WOW what a great haircut - I am VERY happy!)
On the walk home we stopped to take a photo of this amazing photo on the wall of one of the local surf shops - WOW what a photo

It rained today, like every day the past week, half an hour of torrential rain, then a break, on & on & on - Murray looks thrilled doesn't he? Gotta love the waterproof travel jacket though (I think we need to get him a little umbrella)!

This afternoon while doing our weekly grocery shop I noticed this dog food in the cold section - firstly - the name - Chunkers - for a chunky dog? What an odd name! And who the heck thought of feeding chicken with scrambled egg & parsley to a dog? Parsley? Interesting........

The Easter display was in full force - but why are the rabbits wearing collars with bells?


Murray was embarrassed when I whipped out my camera to take a photo of this sign (but then that IS why he gave me a smaller camera that I could carry around in my bag). I have never seen a sign like this before - is this the aisle you go through when you want to avoid temptation - gum, candy ahhhhhhhh nooooooooo it will go straight to my hips!!!!!
Apparently not. Murray then pointed out to me that an aisle down at the other end of the store had this sign also with a picture of a little kid - ahhh, it is so your kids won't beg for last minute candy - kind of a good idea!

And our new favourite...... Ginger Beer - sounds odd but WOW is it good (especially with a bit of Bundaberg Rum - however, we don't have any of that at the moment!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been rainy & overcast here all week, I really can't complain though - it is the first time I have worn jeans since arriving here almost 2 months ago!
We woke up to pouring rain today
I am definitely NOT leaving the house today! A luxury I hope will come to an end soon. I am waiting on a job offer.......... the agent is VERY positive - assures me I am the ONLY candidate and that it is simply paperwork and salary that needs to be sorted out before I can start the job..... I really hope he is right! I made my other follow up calls (just in case this job falls through) and have nothing else to do today really - so I decided to watch my Doris Day & Rock Hudson 'Romance Collection' DVDs again - I have already made my way through 'Pillow Talk' (SUCH a cute movie) and now I am enjoying 'Lover Come Back' - next up 'Send Me No Flowers.'
I think I need to enjoy being unemployed for as long as I can - as if what my agent says is true I may be back in a cubicle by the end of next week!!