Monday, February 2, 2009

Lovely sunny hot weekend

Friday night Murray jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony when we heard a crashing sound

Turns out it was this curious possum! He is called a 'common ringtail possum'

At first we thought he was a giant rat - eeeek! He is about the size of a small cat, cute

Saturday night, after having a nice relaxing swim at Manly beach, we came home to make some yummy quiche with all the fresh eggs we got from Pam & Jeff (they raise chickens)

The finished product - with lots of cheese - yummmm

Helen & I loved Murray's creation - it was fab, we enjoyed it while watching the movie The Italian Job on our new big tv - a very nice evening:)

Yesterday we hit the road with our Scottish friends. We drove up to the Northern Beaches and went kayaking at Narrabeen Lakes and then went to Whale Beach for a picnic, swim & sun - such a nice day!
Anna, Ali & Murray at Whale Beach

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