Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Driving etc

So I drove for the second time on Sunday - just home from the grocery store down the road. This involves me maneuvering through two roundabouts. I admit - I find them kind of scary. Can I go? Will he stop? Is this the right lane? Blinker right, now blinker left, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
But, I did fine (other than stressing Murray as he kept saying LEFT LANE LEFT LANE LEFT LANE as a reminder)
The thing I keep doing wrong? Every time I go to turn on the blinker I stick out my left hand and move the bar to turn it on - and the windshield wipers go on! I keep forgetting that the blinker bar is on my RIGHT - such an ingrained thing from driving so long I guess.

Today between job searches I took some time to salivate over this site that Steve sent me http://www.usafoods.com.au
yummmm - too bad they are in Melbourne, or I'd go and visit to check out their stock!

Last night we went to a screening of the movie Pride & Glory in the city (thanks for the tickets Helen). It was a very good movie, but also it was fun for us to finally go into the city NOT suited up in work clothes and completely overheating. So lovely to travel home on the ferry as well - such a nice way to travel!

Also - random thought
I was reading a Women's Health magazine yesterday and it was talking about what to eat in your 20's, 30's, 40's etc. They were talking about how you have to eat a lot of calcium rich foods in your 20's because 'once you hit 30 you are pretty much stuck with what you've got.' Oh NO - must go drink a gallon of milk right now then, since I only have a month to go! Sad:(


  1. Me again :-)

    Since i am not working as well i spend a lot of time on the net!

    We are the same age - When is your birthday? I will be 30 at the end of March.

  2. Hello! March 7th is the big day for me:)
    Good Luck with your job search!

  3. LOL - I know exactly what you are going through with the blinker & windscreen wiper reversal. When Brad & I drove around New Zealand we joked about having the cleanest windscreen in Christchurch when we first arrived and picked up our rental car. Then, when we headed back to the US we had the cleanest windscreen in LA for a couple of days as we had to get used to the switch again! It's kind of funny b/c here in the UK the blinkers are still on the left side of the steering column.