Thursday, February 5, 2009

The 12 Hour Waiting Game

I had a GREAT phone interview yesterday, the agent LOVED me! I think I have got much better at this whole 'selling myself' gig and talked myself and my experience up like crazy! SO he set up a phone call for me today with the Big Wig - the guy who is hiring for a fantastic job that I would LOVE! It is a bit above what I have done before, but I know I could do it.

The agent guy called me back last night to apologize and to tell me that he was really sorry - that the big wig DOES want to talk to me the tomorrow (now, today), but he couldn't set down a time because he is so busy - was that ok with me?
Well, did I really want to sit around all day and wait for that call? NO
But was the job worth that waiting around for the call? YES

So I got up early and job searched and emailed and waited, repeat - about 100 times.
It is now 7pm, and still no call. Twelve hours later.
I am not happy. I had things I wanted to do today. The sun was shining and I felt like I was in prison here. I didn't even want to walk out to the postbox in case the big wig called as I was walking down then I'd have to run back to get my notes and talk in a quiet environment.

The thing is, the big wig's head office is in Perth - which is 2 hours earlier than us here in Sydney. So really, it is only 5pm there. I give it one more hour, then I am having a glass of wine darn it. That is the reason we were going to have an initial phone interview, because he isn't in Sydney at the moment - then he'd decide whether he wanted to interview me in person.
I am just very frustrated *sigh*

I will give the agent a call tomorrow morning and nicely tell him the big wig never called, and hopefully they will collectively feel guilty and just offer me the job (it's possible, right?)
Or maybe the guy will actually BE in Sydney soon so he can interview me in person....
But anyhow, I have to keep looking, can't put all of my eggs in one basket

So I have two interviews in the city tomorrow morning for temp jobs - one would be GREAT so I am hoping it goes well (it is as close to what I do for an admin job as you can get, and in a department where perhaps I would be able to move up when I was done with my temp position to the role I actually do.....)

Gosh it is frustrating job searching - I wanna go to the beach!
(I think that will be my goal tomorrow afternoon! Sun & sand & waves - I'm totally yearning for that right now after a really concentrated job searching week (now that we have internet at home we each sit on our own laptop and search nearly all day long - sounds fun huh?)


  1. I feel your pain... I went through this involuntarily at the end of last year. Wish I'd had a beach and some warm weather to go to though!! Enjoy not working as long as possible, you'll get a job sooner than you realise. Crossing my fingers for you that you get this job!

  2. Mickey Rooney said, "You always pass failure on the way to success." It will happen, just takes time, effort, and like your Dad says, "perseverance." Love, Mom

  3. Well, aren't we a passive aggressive Minnesotan :)

  4. Suggestion, how about if you call the guy tell him you really like the opportunity and ask to set an appt in person in Perth where you fly in there. If I were the big boss and a prospect offered this to me that person would be a real shoe in. How much would a flight to Perth cost?


  5. I would Dad - but the flights to Perth are close to a thousand dollars & I don't think I have THAT great of a chance for this job anyhow :)