Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Misc in Manly

I just got back from driving for the first time - by myself! It was scary!! Murray drove down to the ferry (so we wouldn't have to walk & get all sweaty in his suit - he needed to go into the city for interviews) and I drove the car back. I drove down along the beach (also for the first time - that was kinda fun!) and then back to our flat - negotiating a roundabout and tightly pack side streets! A small step I know - but it was scary to remember - blinker on the right, left lane, left lane - without someone to remind me. But I made it - no worries!
I even got Bruce back into the garage on my own - and that's difficult because it is a TIGHT fit!

I thought it was time to show off the kombi parade that's going on in our kitchen (Murray used to have one and LOVES Kombi's!)

The egg cups, the salt & pepper shakers & the piggy bank - on parade

How CUTE are these egg cups??? The top comes off & the surfboard doubles as a salt shaker - cute!

And finally, our little jelly bean dispenser. It came free with the surge protector that we bought for our new tv (odd combination if you ask me)!

And that's all for now..................

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  1. Ha ha I love the Kombi's...well done you for driving all by yourself!!! anna ;0)